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#TitleTuneFirst lineSubjectWordsMusicArrangementMeterScriptureCopyrightListen
1Come, Thou Almighty KingITALIAN HYMNCome, Thou almighty KingACharles Wesley 1708-1788 (c. 1757)Felice de Giardini 1716-1796 (1769)6 6 4 6 6 6 4 Daniel 7:9, 13, 22
2In Thy Great NameCONDESCENSIONIn Thy great name, O Lord, we comeAJoseph Haskins 1745-1788UnknownJ.H. Stockton 1813-1877CMMatthew 18:20
3Awake And SingWEBSTERAwake and sing the songAWilliam Hammond 1719-1783 (1743)Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) SMRevelation 15:3
4Brethren, We Have Met To WorshipHOLY MANNABrethren, we have met to worshipAGeorge Atkins (19th Century)William Moore (19th Century)Horace N. Lincoln b. 18598’s & 7’sActs 16:29
5Lord, In Thy PresenceASHVILLELord, in Thy presence here we meetAUnknownAsa B. Everett 1828-1875CMII Peter 3:14
6Again, From Calm And Sweet ReposeBALMAgain, from calm and sweet reposeAUnknownJ.N. PitmanCMProverbs 8:17
7To Thy Temple We RepairCOOKTo Thy temple we repairAJames Montgomery 1771-1854 (1825)Unknown7’sI Corinthians 3:16
8Jesus, Thou Everlasting KingSESSIONSJesus, Thou everlasting KingABenjamin Beddome 1717-1795Luther O. Emmerson 1820-1915ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMRevelation 19:9
9With Reverence Let The Saints AppearHARVEY'S CHANTWith rev’rence let the saints appearAfrom Isaac Watts 1674-1748UnknownCMPsalm 89:7
10Kindred In ChristFORESTKindred in Christ, for His dear sakeAJohn Newton 1725-1807Amzi Chapin 1768-1835 (1828)LMActs 10:33
11Hungry, And Faint, And PoorBOYLSTONHungry, and faint, and poorAJohn Newton 1725-1807Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1832) SMPsalm 107:5-6
12Awake, My SoulROCKINGHAMAwake, my soul, and with the sunAThomas Ken 1637-1711Lowell Mason 1792-1872LMPsalm 100:1
13O, For A Thousand TonguesAZMONO, for a thousand tongues to singAfrom Charles Wesley 1707-1788 (1739)Carl G. Gläser 1784-1829 (1828)Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1839)CMPsalm 35:28
14Far As Thy Name Is KnownZION'S HILLFar as Thy name is knownAIsaac Watts 1674-1748Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920SMPsalm 19:1
15As We Go Up To WorshipDIVINE WORSHIPAs we go up to worship hereAElder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Elder Gilbert Dalton 1886-1962Elder Roland Green 1924-CMPsalm 65:4
16Now From The World WithdrawnLABANNow from the world withdrawnAGeorge Heath 1750-1822Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1830)SMJames 4:8
17Once More We Come Before Our GodPRAYEROnce more we come before our GodAJoseph Hart 1712-1768 (1768) James C. Moore 1888-1962CMII Thessalonians 3:13
18O Master, Let Me Walk With TheeMARYTONO Master, let me walk with TheeAfrom Washington Gladden 1836-1918 (1879)H.Percy Smith 1825-1898 (1874)LMEphesians 4:1
19Ye Servants Of GodLYONSYe servants of God, your MasterACharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1744)attr. to Johann Michael Haydn 1737-1806William Gardiner 1769-1853 (1815)10 10 11 11II Thessalonians 1:12
20Come, Thou FountNETTLETONCome, Thou Fount of ev’ry blessingARobert Robinson 1735-1790 (1758)John Wyeth 1770-1858 (1813)ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8 7 8 7 DI Samuel 7:12
21Praise To The Lord, The AlmightyLOBE DEN HERRENPraise to the Lord, the AlmightyAJoachim Neander 1650-1680 (1680) Trans. by Catherine Winkworth 1827-1878 (1863)Erneuerten Gesangbuch (1665) Harm. By William S. Bennett 1816-1875 (1864)14 14 4 7 8Psalm 99:3
22We Gather TogetherKREMSERWe gather together to ask the Lord'sADutch Hymn (1597); trans. From Dutch to Latin by Edward Kremser (1877); trans. From Latin to English by Theodore Baker 1851-1934 (1894)Netherland Folk Song (1625)Edward Kremser 1838-1914Psalm 34:3
23Happy To Meet AgainWEEPING SINNERSBrethren, we have met againAUnkownJ.P Rees7’sRomans 1:12
24The Throne Of GraceBehold the throne of graceAJohn Newton 1725-1807UnknownHebrews 4:16
25Break Thou The Bread Of LifeBREAD OF LIFEBreak Thou the bread of life AMary Ann Lathbry 1841-1913 (1877)William F. Sherwin 1826-1888 (1877)10’sMark 6:41
26All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name!CORONATIONAll hail the pow’r of Jesus’ name!AEdward Perronet 1726-1792 (1779), alt. by John Rippon (1787)Oliver Holden 1765-1844 (1792)CMRevelation 7:9-12
27How Lovely The PlaceCARRADOC PLAINSHow lovely the place where AUnknownW.E. Chuteed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 11 8 11 8Psalm 84:10
28Come, Let Us Praise The LordIVACome, let us praise the LordAElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920SMHebrews 13:15
29To God, The Only WiseST. THOMASTo God, the only wise, Our SaviourAIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Aaron Williams 1731-1776; The New Psalmodist (1770)SMJude 25
30O Worship The KingLYONSO worship the King, all glorious aboveARobert Grant 1779-1838 (1833)attr. to Johann Michael Haydn 1737-1806William Gardiner 1769-1853 (1815)10 10 11 11Zechariah 14:16
31A Throne Of GraceLIVERPOOLA throne of grace! Then let us goAIngram Cubbin 1777-1851M.C.H. DavisCMHebrews 4:16
32I Love To See The Lord BelowHESTERI love to see the Lord belowAUnknownL.C. Everett 1818-1867ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMEphesians 3:10
33Doxology #1 SESSIONSPraise God from whom all blessingsAThomas Ken 1637-1711 (1674)Luther O. Emmerson 1820-1915ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMPsalm 148: 1-6
34Doxology #2OLD HUNDREDPraise God from whom all blessingsAThomas Ken 1637-1711 (1674)from Geneva Psalter, attr. To Louis Bourgeois (1551)LMI Timothy 1:14
35We’re Marching To ZionCome, we that love the LordAIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707); refrain by Robert Lowry (1867)Robert Lowry 1826-1899 (1867)SM with RefrainPhilippians 2:2
36We Sing The Greatness Of Our GodELLACOMBEWe sing the greatness of our GodBAIsaac Watts 1674-1748; Jeff Redd,alt.Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Wirtembergischen (1784)7 6 7 6 DPsalm 147:5
37Thru All The World BelowSOLEMN THOUGHTThru all the world below, God isBAUnknown, In loving memory of L.W. KoenF. Price in Southern Harmonyfrom Southern Harmony, ed. by William Walker 1809-187512 9 12 12 9Romans 1:20
38Who?Who flung the stars out into spaceBAMrs. June Hawks Goins 1932-Old German TuneRoland Green 1924-CMDIsaiah 40:26© Copyright 1963 Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
39How Great Thou ArtO Lord, my God! When I in awesomeBACarl Bobery 1859-1940 (1885), Trans. by Stuart K. Hine (1953) Stuart K. Hine 1899-1989 (1953)Psalm 33:8© Copyright 1953 S.K. Hine. Assigned to MANNA MUSIC, Inc.,35255 Brooten Road, Pacific City, OR 97135. Renewed 1981. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
40Born To Serve The LordFrom the dust of the earth my GodBABud Chambers (1959)Bud Chambers (1959)Genesis 2:7© Copyright Unichappell Music, Inc/Hal Leonard. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
41O God, Our Help In Ages PastST. ANNEO God, our help in ages pastBBIsaac Watts 1674-1748William Croft 1678-1727CMPsalm 27:9
42I’ll Praise My Maker While I’ve BreathOLD 113THI’ll praise my Maker while I’ve breathBBIsaac Watts 1674-1748, alt. by John Wesley 1703-1791Attr. To Matthaus Greiter in Strassburger Kirchenamt (1525)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2002)8’sPsalm 150:6© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
43Great Is Thy FaithfulnessGreat is Thy faithfulness, O GodBBThomas O. Chisom 1866-1960William M. Runyan 1870-1957Lamentations 3:23© Copyright 1923, Renewed 1951 by Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, IL 60188.  All rights reserved.  International copyright secured.  Used by permission.
44A Mighty FortressEIN’ FESTE BURGA mighty fortress is our GodBBMartin Luther 1483-1546 (1529), Trans. by Frederick H. Hedge (1853) Martin Luther 1483-1546 (1529)Psalm 48:13-14
45MeditationsGod has been my refuge dailyBBElder David P. Bridgman 1904-1987Elder Roland Green 1924-8’s & 7’sDeuteronomy 33:27© Copyright 1963 by D.P. Bridgman. All rights reserved.
46Sovereign Of Life, I Own Thy HandNAOMISov’reign of life, I own Thy handBBUnknownUnknownCMHebrews 12:6
47Praise Ye The FatherPraise ye the Father! Let ev’ry heartBCDoxologyfrom Charles Gounod 1818-1893Psalm 47:6-7
48The Lord Jehovah ReignsDALSTONThe Lord Jehovah reigns, and royalBCIsaac Watts 1674-1748Aaron Williams 1731-1776SPMHebrews 1:8
49Thank The Lord With Joyful HeartHARTSThank the Lord with joyful heartBCMatthias Jorissen (1798), Trans. by Esther Bergen (1971)Benjamin Milgrove ca. 1731-1810 (1769)Romans 11:29
50Holy, Holy, HolyNICEAHoly, holy, holy, Lord God almightyBCReginald Heber 1783-1826 (1826)John B. Dykes 1823-1876 (1861)11 12 12 10Revelation 4:8
51Like A River GloriousWYE VALLEYLike a river glorious is God’s perfectBCFrances Ridley Havergal 1836-1879 (1876)James Mountain 1844-1933 (1876)Isaiah 26:3
52MagnificatMy soul doth magnify the LordBCUnknownarr. Logan Green 1924- (1994)Luke 1:46
53Now Thank We All Our GodNUN DANKETNow thank we all our God with heartBBMartin Rinkart 1586-1649 (ca. 1636), Trans. by Catherine Winkworth 1827-1878 (1856)Johann Crüger 1598-1662 (1647); poss. Rinkart (1644)Harm. By Felix Mendelssohn 1809-1847 (1840)II Thessalonians 1:3
54Our Father CaresHere our heav’nly Father knowsBDJ.F. Parker 1901-1970J.F. Parker 1901-1970Luke 12:6-7
55My God, What Silken CordsSPRAGUEMy God, what silken cords BDUnknownSmith, Alto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945ed.CMColossians 3:14
56The Love Of GodThe love of God is greater farBDF.M. Lehman 1868-1953F.M. Lehman 1868-1953Claudia Lehman Mays 1892-1973I John 3:1
57Lead On, O King Eternal!LANCASHIRELead on, O King Eternal, The dayCAErnest W. Shurtleff 1862-1917 (1888)HenryThomas Smart 1813-1879 (1836)7 6 7 6 DI Timothy 1:17
58Rejoice, The Lord Is KingFREDERICKSBURGRejoice, the Lord is KingCACharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1746)Rigdon McCoy McIntosh 1836-1899HMIsaiah 40:9
59Hark! Ten Thousand HarpsHARWELLHark! ten thousand harps and voicesCAThomas Kelly 1769-1855 (2nd ed. 1806)Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1840)8’s & 7’sRevelation 19:6
60Jesus, My LordJesus, my Lord, my ShepherdCAR.E. JohnsonUnknowned.CMDJohn 14:6© Copyright 1976 by Harp of Ages, Inc. in "Harp of Ages". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
61Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah!Hallelujah, praise Jehovah!CAWilliam J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921William J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921Psalm 148:7-14
62Jesus, And Shall It Ever BeCORINTHJesus, and shall it ever beCAJoseph Grigg 1720-1768John Massengaleed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMIsaiah 49:23
63Worthy Art Thou!Worthy of praise is Christ ourCATillit S. Teddlie 1885-1987Tillit S. Teddlie 1885-1987Revelation 4:11© Copyright 1932 by Gospel Advocate Company. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
64Praise Him! Praise Him!Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus, ourCAFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915Chester G. Allen 1838-1878Romans 15:11
65AdorationLord, let me praise Thee in the CAMary F. Stewart 1883-1965Mary F. Stewart 1883-1965Psalm 55:17© Copyright 1942 in “Old School Hymnal No. 8”. Assigned to Old School Hymnal Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
66Joyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeHYMN TO JOYJoyful, joyful, we adore TheeCAHenry Van Dyke 1852-1933 (1907)Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827(1824)Edward Hodges 1796-1867(1864)8 7 8 7 DPsalm 35:9
67Fairest Lord JesusST. ELIZABETHFairest Lord Jesus! Ruler of allCAMünster Gesangbuch (1677); trans. By Joseph Seiss (1873)Schleische Volkslieder (1842)Richard S. Willis 1819-1900 (1850)5 6 8 5 5 8Psalm 45:2
68Jesus, Before Thy FaceHAMBURGJesus, before Thy face I fallCAUnknownLowell Mason 1792-1872 (1824)LMIsaiah 8:14
69The Great PhysicianThe great Physician now is nearCAWilliam Hunter 1811-1877J.H. Stockton 1813-1877Luke 5:31
70Take The Name Of Jesus With YouPRECIOUS NAMETake the name of Jesus with youCALydia Baxter 1809-1874 (1870)William H. Doane 1832-1915 (1871)ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8 7 8 7 with RefrainRomans 15:13
71The Lily Of The ValleyI have found a friend in JesusCACharles W. Fry 1837-1882English MelodyW.S. Hays 1837-1907Song of Solomon 2:1;5:10
72Jesus, In Thy Transporting NameCONDESCENSIONJesus, in Thy transporting nameCAUnknownUnknownJ. H. Stockton 1813-1877CMJohn 1:14
73How I Love JesusThere is a name I love to hearCAFrederick Whitfield 1829-1904 (1855)19th Cent. USA Melodyed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CM with RefrainPhilippians 2:9
74How Sweet The Name Of Jesus SoundsORTONVILLEHow sweet the name of Jesus soundsCAJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)Thomas Hastings 1784-1872 (1837)CMPsalm 8:1
75The Countless Multitude On HighPARADISEThe countless multitude on highCAArchilbald RutledgeOliver Holden 1765-1844ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMDRevelation 5:12
76Jesus, Blessed JesusMy dear Jesus, blessed JesusCAElder Ralph E. Harris 1938- (1974)Elder Ralph E. Harris 1938- (1977)8 7 8 7 DActs 3:16© Copyright 1983 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
77Glorious LoveLet us sing of Jesus and His loveCAJ. Harvey Daily 1881-1964J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Luke 13:17
78God's LoveGod's love has meant so much to meCAJ. Harvey Daily 1881-1964J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964LMDII Corinthians 9:8
79Jesus, Lover Of My SoulMARTYNJesus, lover of my soulCACharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1740)Simeon B. Marsh 1798-1875 (1834)7’sPsalm 116:7-8
80I Love JesusNETTLETONWhen the world my heart is rendingCAWilliam H. Bathurst 1796-1877John Wyeth 1770-1858 (1813)ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8 7 8 7 DPsalm 116:1
81Jesus Is All The World To MeELIZABETHJesus is all the world to meCAWilliam Lamartine Thompson 1847-1909 (1904)William Lamartine Thompson 1847-1909 (1904)Ephesians 1:23© Copyright 1904. Renewal 1932 by W.L Thompson, Jr. Assigned to Hope Publishing Co. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
82Jesus! What A Friend For SinnersHYFRYDOLJesus! what a friend for sinners!CAJ. Wilbur Chapman, 1859-1918 (1910)Rowland H. Prichard 1811-1887 (1830)Robert Harkness 1880-19618’s & 7’s with RefrainMatthew 11:19
83The Longer I Know HimThe longer I know my SaviorCAJames Rowe 1865-1933Otis Deaton8’s & 7’s with RefrainPhlippians 3:10© Copyright 1930 by Otis Deaton. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
84Wonderful JesusWonderful Jesus! glorious friend!CAJames Rowe 1865-1933J.P. Denton9’s with RefrainIsaiah 9:6
85Who Is This That Comes From Far?BOZRAHWho is this that comes from farCAUnknownUnknown7’sIsaiah 63:1
86He Paid The PriceWhen I was lost, without a SaviorCAE.M. Bartlett 1885-1941E.M. Bartlett 1885-1941Luke 7:42© Copyright1949, (Renewal) by Albert E. Brumley & Sons. In "Universal Songs & Hymns". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
87I Will Sing Of My RedeemerMY REDEEMERI will sing of my Redeemer and hisCAPhilip Paul Bliss 1838-1876 (1876)James McGranahan 1840-1907 (1877)Luke 19:10
88More About JesusMore about Jesus would I knowCAEliza E. Hewitt 1851-1920 (1887)John R. Sweney 1837-1899Colossians 1:10
89My DreamI sat by my Savior and looked on hisCAJohn Melvin Henson 1887-1972John Melvin Henson 1887-19726 5 6 5John 1:14
90When I AwokeBut when I awokeCATheata Lawrence 1937- (ca. 1970's)John Melvin Henson 1887-19726 5 6 5John 1:16© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
91Blessed Jesus! Thee We SingST. LOUISBlessed Jesus! Thee we singCAUnknownUnknown7’sRevelation 5:2
92Hallelujah, What A Savior!MAN OF SORROWSMan of Sorrows, what a nameCAPhilip Paul Bliss 1838-1876 (1875)Philip Paul Bliss 1838-1876 (1875)Isaiah 53:3
93O, Jesus, My SaviorO, Jesus, my Savior, I know ThouCAattr. To Caleb J. Taylor (1803)Unknown11’sII Timothy 1:9-10
94O, Jesus, I Know Thou Art MineO, Jesus, my Savior, I know ThouCAattr. To Caleb J. Taylor (1803)Melody trans. By Roberta GreenElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2003)11’sII Timothy 1:9-10© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
95Victory In JesusHARTFORDI heard an old, old storyCAEugene M. Bartlett 1885-1941 (1939); alt.Eugene M. Bartlett 1885-1941 (1939)I Corinthians 15:57© Copyright 1939 by E. M. Bartlett.  Copyright 1967 by Mrs. E.M. Bartlett, renewal.  Assigned to Albert E. Brumley & Sons/SESAC (admin. by ICG). All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
96Nothing But The BloodPLAINFIELDWhat can wash away my sin?CARobert S. Lowry 1826-1899 (1876)Robert S. Lowry 1826-1899 (1876)7 8 7 8 with RefrainRevelation 1:5
97The Lord Of GloryThe Lord of glory came to earthCAElder F.P. BranscomeElder John R. Daily 1854-1920ed. By Elder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971CMJohn 8:36
98Blest Jesus, While In Mortal FleshSHARPSBURGBlest Jesus, while in mortal fleshCAPhilip Doddridge 1702-1751J.P. Rees and J.A Shelled.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMI John 4:4
99Joy To The World!ANTIOCHJoy to the world! the Lord is comeCBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)from George F. Handel 1685-1759arr. By Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1836)CM with RepeatPsalm 98:6-9
100What Child Is ThisGREENSLEEVESWhat child is this who, laid to restCBWilliam C. Dix 1837-1898 (1865)16th Century English Melody8 7 8 7 with RefrainLuke 2:12; John 1:14
101On This Day Earth Shall RingPERSONENT HODIEOn this day earth shall ringCBPiae Cantiones (1582); trans. By Jane M. Joseph 1894-1929; alt.from Piae Cantiones (1582)arr by Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2002)John 18:37Arr. © Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
102O Come, All Ye FaithfulADESTE FIDELESO come, all ye faithful, joyful and CBJohn Francis Wade 1711-1786 (1743); trans. By Frederick Oakeley (1841)John Francis Wade 1711-1786 (1743); harm. From Collections of Motets or Antiphones (1792)Luke 2:11
103To Us A Child Of Hope Is BornZERAHTo us a child of hope is bornCBJohn Morrison 1746-1798 (1781)Lowell Mason 1792-1872CM with RepeatIsaiah 9:6
104Silent NightSTILLE NACHTSilent night! Holy night! All is calmCBJoseph Mohr 1792-1848 (1818); trans. By John F. Young (1863)Franz Grüber 1787-1863 (1818)Luke 1:68
105Angels We Have Heard On HighGLORIAAngels we have heard on highCBTraditional French Carol; trans. By James Chadwick 1813-1882 (1862)French carol melodyarr. By Edward Shippen Barnes 1887-1958 (1937)Luke 2:13
106Angels From The Realms Of GloryREGENT SQUAREAngels from the realms of gloryCBJames Montgomery 1771-1854 (1816)Henry Thomas Smart 1813-1879 (1867)8 7 8 7 8 7Luke 2:20; John 4:23
107Hark! The Hearld Angels SingMENDELSSOHNHark! the herald angels singCBCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1734); alt. By George Whitfield (1753)Felix Mendelssohn 1809-1847 (1840)William Cummings 1831-1915 (1857)Luke 2:14
108We Three KingsKINGS OF ORIENTWe three kings of Orient areCBJohn H. Hopkins, Jr. 1820-1891 (1857)John H. Hopkins, Jr. 1820-1891 (1857)8 8 4 4 6 with RefrainMatthew 2:2
109As With Gladness, Men Of OldDIXAs with gladness, men of oldCBWilliam C. Dix 1837-1898 (1860); alt.Conrad Kocher 1786-1872 (1838)7’sMatthew 2:1-12
110Star In The EastHail the blest morn, see the greatCBReginald Heber 1783-1826 ; alt.English TuneMatthew 2:2
111Away In A MangerAway in a manger, no crib for a bedCBUnknownJames R. Murray 1841-1905 (1887)arr by Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2002)11’sLuke 2:7Arr. © Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
112It Came Upon The Midnight ClearCAROLIt came upon the midnight clearCBEdmund H. Sears 1810-1876 (1849)Richard Storrs Willis 1819-1900 (1850)CMDLuke 2:14
113Once In Royal David’s CityIRBYOnce in royal David’s cityCBCecil F. Alexander 1818-1895 (1848)Henry John Gauntlett 1805-1876 (1849)ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8 7 8 7 7 7Luke 2:4; Luke 2:11
114The Babe In The MangerShepherds heard the angels singCBElder Rees Prather 1857-1949 (1941)Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Luke 2:14© Copyright 1942 by J.A. Monsees in Old School Hymnal No.8. Assigned to Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
115O Little Town Of BethlehemST. LOUISO little town of BethlehemCBPhillips Brooks 1835-1893 (ca. 1868); alt.Lewis H. Redner 1831-1908 (1868)86 86 76 86Micha 5:2
116O Come, O Come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANEULO come, O come, EmmanuelCBfrom 9th Century Latin; Trans. By John M. Neale 1816-1866 (1851)15th Century French;Thomas Helmore 1811-1890 (1854)LM with RefrainIsaiah 7:14, 8:8; Matthew 1:23
117O Holy NightO holy night, the starsCBPlacide Clappeau (1847); trans. By John S. Dwight 1812-1893; alt.Adolphe C. Adam 1803-1856 Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2003)John 15:9Arr. © Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
118Jesus Of Nazareth Passeth ByWhat means this eager, anxiousCCEtta Campbell (1863)Theodore E. PerkinsLuke 18:37
119He PrayedJesus went upon the mountainCCE.M. Bartlett 1885-1941; alt.John Melvin Henson 1887-1972Mark 1:35
120Jesus Heals The Broken HeartedPALMETTOJesus heals the broken heartedCCWilliam HouserUnknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8 7 8 7 DLuke 4:18
121My Soul, With Joy AttendTHE HILL OF ZIONMy soul, with joy attend While JesusCCUnknownBenjamin F. White 1800-1879, Alto by William Walker 1809-1875 CMJohn 10:27
122Did Christ O'er Sinners WeepWEEPING SAVIOURDid Christ o'er sinners weep, And CCBenjamin Beddome 1717-1795 (1787)E.J. King, Alto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945SMJohn 11:35
123O Sacred Head, Now WoundedPASSION CHORALEO sacred Head,now woundedCDAttr. To Bernard of Clairvaux 1091-1153 Trans. Into German by Paul Gerhardt 1607-1676 (1656); trans. Into English by James W. Alexander 1804-1859 (1830)Hans Leo Hassler 1564-1612 (1601), Harmony byJohann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 (1729)7 6 7 6 DIsaiah 53:5
124It Is FinishedHark! the voice of love and mercyCDfrom the Goble Hymnalattr. To Wyatt MinshallJohn 19:30© Copyright 1977 by Harp of Ages Inc. in "Harp of Ages". All right reserved. Used by permission.
125Dripping From The CrossGuilty, nail-pierced holy veinCDL.B. Leister 1885-1968L.B. Leister 1885-1968Hebrews 9:12-14
126To Him Who On The Fatal TreeSESSIONSTo Him who on the fatal treeCDUnknownLuther O. Emmerson 1820-1915ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMGalatians 3:13-14
127When I Survey The Wondrous CrossHAMBURGWhen I survey the wondrous crossCDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)UnknownLowell Mason 1792-1872 (1824)LMGalatians 6:14
128He Died For MeSometimes when I think of the crossCDElder Clifford Gowens 1942- (1973)Elder Clifford Gowens 1942- (1973)ed. By approval for PBH 2003Romans 14:9© Copyright 1975
129Why Should He Love Me So?Love sent my Savior to die in my CDRobert Harkness 1880-1961Robert Harkness 1880-1961ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) John 3:16© Copyright 1925. Renewed, 1952 by Broadman Press. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
130Christ The Lord Is RisenChrist the Lord is risen todayCECharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1739)Lyra Davidica (1708)7 7 7 7 DI Corinthians 15:20
131Christ AroseCHRIST AROSELow in the grave He layCERobert S. Lowry 1826-1899 (1874)Robert S. Lowry 1826-1899 (1874)Matthew 12:40
132He Lives!I serve a risen Savior, He's in the CEAlfred H. Ackley 1887-1960 (1933)Alfred H. Ackley 1887-1960 (1933)Acts 5:32© Copyright 1933 (renewed 1962) by Word Music, Inc./ASCAP, 65 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. All rights reserved. International © secured. Used by permssion.
133Christ The Lord Is Risen TodayHORTONChrist the Lord is risen todayCECharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1739)S. van Wartensee 1786-18687’sColossians 3:1
134The Lord Is Risen IndeedST. THOMASThe Lord is ris'n indeedCEUnknownAaron Williams 1731-1776; The New Psalmodist (1770)SMLuke 24:34
135And Am I Born To Die?IDUMEAAnd am I born to die?CFUnknownAnanias Davisson (1816)SMActs 2:39
136Salem's Bright KingWhen Thou, my righteous JudgeCFattr. To the Countess of Huntington 1707-1791UnknownIsaiah 41:14
137Resurrection SceneTRIUMPHANT WINGHow long shall Death, the tyrantCFUnknownElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2002)CMDRevelation 6:10© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
138Bright Morning Of GloryBright morning of glory when JesusCFElder J.A. Rowell 1892-1971Harvey Bass 1918-ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 11'sI Corinthians 15:51-57; 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17© Copyright1973 by Harp of Ages Inc. in"Harp of Ages". All right reserved. Used by permission.
139Be Thou My VisionSLANEBe Thou my visionCFAncient Irish Texas; trans. Mary Byrne 1880-1931 (1905)Traditional Irish MelodyElder Roland Green 1924- (1994)10 10 9 10Acts 17:28
140Oh, Christ, He Is The FountainWEBBOh, Christ, He is the fountainCFfrom Anne R. Cousin 1824-1906George J. Webb 1803-1887 (1830)7 6 7 6 DJohn 4:14
141Watchman, Tell Me Does The MorningWATCHMANWatchman, tell me does the morningCFUnknownH.D. Pinney8's & 7's DIsaiah 52:8
142The Sands Of Time Are SinkingRUTHERFORDThe sands of time are sinkingCFfrom Anne R. Cousin 1824-1906 (1857)based upon Samuel Rutherford 1600-1661Edward F Rimbault 1816-1876 (1867)7 6 7 6 DIsaiah 8:8
143The Pilgrim's SongA few more years shall rollCFHoratius Bonar 1808-1889 (1842)Aldine S. Keiffer 1840-1904SMPsalm 30:5; Hebrews 13:12
144The Morning TrumpetO, when shall I see JesusCFUnknownBenjamin F. White 1800-1879, Alto by W.M.CooperZechariah 9:14; I Cor 15:52
145The Golden HarpCome, Holy Spirit, calm my mindDUnknown; A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for the Use of the Lock Chapel (1803)J.P. Rees 8 7 8 7 DRevelation 14:2-3
146Spirit Of GodMORECAMBESpirit of God, descend upon my heartDGeorge Croly 1780-1860 (1854)Frederick C. Atkinson 1841-1897 (1870)10'sMatthew 3:16
147The Blessed Spirit, Like The WindSOLEMN WARNINGThe blessed Spirit, like the windDUnknownE.P. BoroughsCMDJohn 3:8
148Holy Ghost, With Light DivineMERCYHoly Ghost, with light divineDAndrew Reed 1787-1862Louis M. Gottschalk 1829-1869 (1867)7’sII Timothy 1:14
149Fill Me NowHover o'er me, Holy SpiritDElwood H. Stokes 1815-1895 (1879)John R. Sweney 1837-1899 (1879)Ephesians 4:10
150Holy Spirit, Faithful GuideGUIDEHoly Spirit, faithful guideDMarcus Morris Wells 1815-1895 (1858)Marcus Morris Wells 1815-1895 (1858)7's DRomans 8:14
151Holy Spirit, Lead UsO, Holy Spirit, lead us, we prayDClaire B. and Richard A. KellyRichard A. KellyI Corinthians 3:16© Copyright 1940. Renewed 1968 by Broadman Press. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
152Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly DoveTWENTY-FOURTH "PRIMROSE"Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly DoveDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Amzi Chapin 1768-1835 (1813)Psalm 51:11
153Come, Gracious SpiritNINETY-THIRDCome , gracious Spirit, nowDHartIngallsSMRomans 8:14
154How Firm A FoundationFIRM FOUNDATIONHow firm a foundationEAGeorge Keith from Rippon's Selections (1787)Anne Steele 1716-177811'sIsaiah 43:2
155Gospel TrumpetBehold the mount of ZionEAVanmeterUnknownarr.7 6 7 6 DIsaiah 28:16
156The Church's One FoundationAURELIAThe Church's one foundation isEASamuel J. Stone 1839-1900 (1866)Samuel S. Wesley 1810-1876 (1864)7 6 7 6 DI Corinthians 3:11
157I Love Thy Kingdom, LordBEALOTHI love Thy kingdom, LordEATimothy Dwight 1752-1817 (1801)L.C. Everetted.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) SMDPsalm 17:8
158House Of The LordYou may sing of the beautyEAUnknownAustin Lane12'sPsalm 27:4
159Great Is The Lord, Our GodNEWRYGreat is the Lord, our GodEAIsaac Watts 1674-1748claimed M.C.H. DavisSMPsalm 48:1
160Planted In ChristEVAN "NIGHT"Planted in Christ the living vineEAS.F Smith 1808-1895W. BealeFrances Ridley Havergal 1836-1879 (1849)Acts 2:46
161Conquering LoveThe voice of my Beloved spakeEBElder John R. Daily 1854-1920Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920CMDSong Of Solomon 2:8-13; Revelation 19:1
162We Are BlessedALEPHWe are blessed in the law of theEAElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2000)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2000)9 9 10 9Psalm 119: 1-8© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
163Happy ZionDEFENSE OF ZIONZion stands with hills surroundedEAUnknownElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2003)8's & 7'sIsaiah 41:17© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
164The Bride Of ChristThe Church of Christ we have EAJ.F. Parker 1901-1970J.F. Parker 1901-19707 6 7 6 with RefrainSong of Solomon 2:10-13© Copyright 1956 by J.F. Parker. All rights reserved.
165Sweet ProspectLo, what an entertaining sightEBUnknownWilliam Walker 1809-1875ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) Psalm 133
166People Of the Living GodENNIUSPeople of the living GodEBJames Montgomery 1771-1854 (1829)from Harmonia Sacra (19th century)7’sRuth 1:16
167Here In The VineyardTHE CHURCH'S DESOLATIONHere in the vineyard of my LordEBUnknownJ.T. White8's & 7'sMatthew 21:29
168How Sweet, How HeavenlyBROWNHow sweet, how heav'nly, is the EBJoseph Swain 1761-1796 (1792)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868CMII John 4
169Heavenly SightMANOAHHow sweet, how heav'nly, is the EBJoseph Swain 1761-1796 (1792)Henry W. Greatorex 1811-1858CMII John 4
170I Love The Sons Of GraceIDUMEAI love the sons of graceEBBaltimore CollectionAnanias Davisson (1816)SMI John 3:1
171Lord How Delightful 'Tis To SeeSESSIONSLord how delightful 'tis to seeEBIsaac Watts 1674-1748Luther O. Emmerson 1820-1915ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMPsalm 111:1
172Help Us To Help Each OtherBALERMAHelp us to help each other, LordEBCharles Wesley 1707-1788François H. Barthélémon 1741-1808ed. Robert Simpson 1790-1832CMGalatians 6:2
173Blest Are The Sons Of PeaceCLOVISBlest are the sons of peaceEBIsaac Watts 1674-1748Dr. R. Paul Drummond 1947-SMEphesians 4:1-6
174Blest Be The Tie That BindsDENNISBlest be the tie that bindsEAJohn Fawcett 1740-1817Johann Georg Nägeli 1773-1836arr. By Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1845)SMI Peter 1:22
175The Tie That BindsBOYLSTONBlest be the tie that bindsEAJohn Fawcett 1740-1817Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1832)SMRomans 12:5
176How Did My Heart Rejoice To HearMEARHow did my heart rejoice to hearEBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Aaron Williams 1731-1776 (1760)CMPsalm 100:4
177The GospelRETREATThe gospel tells how Jesus cameECElder J.A. Rowell 1892-1971Thomas Hastings 1784-1872LMI Corinthians 2:1© Copyright 1973 by Harp of Ages, Inc. in "Harp of Ages". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
178Tell Me The Story Of JesusTell me the story of JesusECFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1880)John R. Sweney 1837-1899Luke 1:1
179The Ninety And NineThere were ninety and nine thatECElizabeth C. Clephane 1830-1869 (1868)Ira D. Sankey 1840-1908 (1874)Luke 15:4
180I Love To Tell The StoryI love to tell the story of unseenECArabella K. Hankey 1834-1911 (1866)William G. Fischer 1835-1912 (1869)7 6 7 6 D with RefrainII Peter 1:12
181The BeatitudesMAKARIOSBlessed are the poor in spiritECElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2001)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2001)8's & 7'sMatthew 5:2-11© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
182Hark! The Jubilee Is SoundingJUBILEEHark! the jubilee is soundingECWilliam Cowper 1731-1800Oliver BransonRoland Green 1924-8's & 7'sLeviticus 25:12
183He Will Guide MeOh, the sweet old gospel storyECJames Rowe 1865-1933John M. Henson 1887-1972Psalm 32:8© Copyright 1934 by J.M. Henson. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
184A Story Most LovelySUFFERINGS OF CHRISTA story most lovely I'll tellECUnknownWilliam Walker 1809-1875ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 8'sRomans 5:3-12
185Broad IsThe RoadWINDHAMBroad is the road that leads to ECIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1703)Daniel Reed 1757-1836LMMatthew 7:13-14
186Awaked By Sinai's Awful SoundGARDENAwaked by Sinai's awful soundECSamson Occom 1723-1792 (1760)J. IngallsCPMJohn 3:3
187Buy The Truth And Sell It NotSOCIAL BANDThe worth of truth no tongue canECUnknownUnknownLMDProverbs 23:23
188Saved By GraceOut of my guilt I tried to prayECElder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Elder J. Harvey Dailey 1881-1964Ephesians 2:8-10© Copyright 1934 by J.A. Monsees. Assigned to Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permssion.
189On The Mountain’s Top AppearingZIONOn the mountain's top appearingECThomas Kelly 1769-1855 (1802)Thomas Hastings 1784-1872 (1830)Psalm 125:1
190Poor and AfflictedMISSIONPoor and afflicted, Lord, are thineEDThomas Kelly 1769-1855A. Gramblingalto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945 ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)LMZephaniah 3:12
191Blessed OnesBlest are the humble souls thatECIsaac Watts 1674-1748UnknownWilliam H. CrouseMatthew 5:3-12© Copyright 1936 by William H. Crouse in "Pilgrim Hymnal". All rights reserved. Used by permssion.
192I Know That My Redeemer LivesI know that my Redeemer livesECSamuel Medley 1738-1799 (1775)J.W. and W.R. McCoyJob 19:25
193I Know Whom I Have BelievedEL NATHANI know not why God's wondrousECDaniel W. Whittle 1840-1901 (1883); alt for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)James McGranahan 1840-1907 (1883)II Timothy 1:12
194Come Unto MeHear the blessed Savior callingECCharles P. Jones 1865-1959 Charles P. Jones 1865-1959 Matthew 11:28
195Come, All Ye Chosen Saints of GodCONFIDENCECome, all ye chosen saints of GodECUnknownJ.R. Turner 1807-1874ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMD2 Corinthians 12:9
196How Can I, A Lowly MortalWOODWARDHow can I, a lowly mortalECElder Roland Green 1924- (1979)John W. Blankenship 1955- (1979)8 7 8 7 DHabakkuk 1:13© Copyright 1983 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
197If Jesus Goes With MeIt may be in the valley, whereECCharles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1908)Charles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1908)Philippians 4:11
198Thy Word Is A LampNUNI have sworn, and will perform itECElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2000); from Psalm 119Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2000)Psalm 119:105© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
199Your Office Is A Sacred TrustROCKINGHAMYour office is a sacred trustECElder Len Dalton 1889-1972Lowell Mason 1792-1872LMI Peter 5:1-3
200Assist Thy Servant, LordABBEVILLEAssist Thy servant, LordECUE.J. KingSMEphesians 6:19
201Let The Lower Lights Be BurningBrightly beams our Father's mercyECPhilip Paul Bliss 1838-1876 (1871)Philip Paul Bliss 1838-1876 (1871)Luke 12:35
202How Great, How SolemnSALVATIONHow great, how solemn is the workECBenjamin Beddome 1717-1795 R.A. Boyded. By Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920 and for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)CMDJoel 2:12-14
203Go, Teach The NationsHEBRONGo, teach the nations and baptizeECDossey's SelectionsLowell Mason 1792-1872LMMatthew 28:19
204Go Forth On Wings of FaithWARWICKGo forth on wings of faith and pray'rECThomas Hastings 1784-1872 Samuel Stanley 1767-1822 (ca. 1796)CMII Timothy 3:15
205Religion Is The Chief ConcernPLEASANT HILLReligion is the chief concernEDJohn Fawcett 1740-1817William Nicholson CMDI Peter 1:3
206The Chief ConcernMEARReligion is the chief concernEDJohn Fawcett 1740-1817Aaron Williams 1731-1776 (1760)Welsh Afr.CMI Peter 1:3; I Sam 15:22
207No More, My GodWOODWORTHNo more, my God! I boast noEDUnknownWilliam B. Bradbury 1816-1868LMPhilippians 3:7-9
208Humble SinnerSALVATIONCome, humble sinner, in whoseEDEdmund Jones 1722-1765; alt.R.A. Boyded.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMDHebrews 4:16
209Behold A SinnerCONFLICTBehold a sinner, dearest LordEDUnknownUnknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMMatthew 15:27
210Rock Of AgesTOPLADYRock of ages, cleft for meEDAugustus M. Toplady 1740-1778 (1776)Thomas Hastings 1784-1882 (1830)7’sIsaiah 2:21; Psalm 94:22
211Revive Us AgainWe praise Thee, O God!EDWilliam P. Mackay 1837-1885 (1863)John J. Husband 1760-1825 (1815)Isaiah 57:15
212Come, Ye DisconsolateCONSOLATORCome, ye disconsolateEDThomas Moore 1779-1852 (1816)Samuel Webbe, Sr. 1740-1816 (1792)Revelation 7:17
213I Will Arise And Go To JesusRESTORATIONCome, ye sinners poor and needyEDfrom Joseph Hart 1712-1768 (1759); alt.William Walker 1809-1875 (1835)Homer F. Morris 1875-19558 7 8 7I Peter 2:25
214Lord, Revive UsRETURN AGAINSaviour, visit Thy plantationEDJohn Newton 1725-1807John B. Vaughan 1860-1918John B. Vaughan 1860-19188 7 8 7 with RefrainPsalm 85:6
215O That I Could Repent!SHAWMUTO that I could repent! EDCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1759)Lowell Mason 1792-1872SMLuke 15:7
216A Penitent HeartSORROW FOR SINO for that tenderness of heartEDCharles Wesley 1707-1788Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2003)CMRomans 8:26© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
217Jesus Has Done All Things WellOut in the cold world away fromEDElder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Elder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Luke 19:10
218Lord, Didst Thou DieWAVERLYLord, didst Thou die, but not forEDUnknownUnknownLMRomans 8:33
219Showers Of BlessingThere shall be showers of blessingEDDaniel W. Whittle 1840-1901 (1883)James McGranahan 1840-1907 (1883)Psalm 133:3
220Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed?Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?EDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Leonard P. Breedlove, Alto by Lessie GreenCMRomans 12:1; Ephesians 1:7
221At CalvaryYears I spent in vanity and prideEDWilliam R. Newell 1868-1956 (1895)D.B. Towner 1850-1919 (1895)Luke 23:33
222Lord, SaveO, give me, Lord, my sins to EDUnknownJohn Massengaleed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMPsalm 107:19
223Afflictions, Tho' They Seem SevereTENNESSEEAfflictions, tho' they seem severeEDJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)from Southern Harmonyed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMDLuke 15:18
224The Church’s DesolationWell may Thy servants mournEDUnknownJ.T. White8's & 7'sI Samuel 4:21; Revelation 2:5
225I'm On My Way To CanaanBOUND FOR CANAANBliss come thru sore temptationsEDUnknownE.J. Kingalto by W.M. Cooper; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)7 6 7 6 with RefrainI Peter 1:6
226Show Pity, LordShow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgiveEDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709)John Massengaleed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMEphesians 1:13
227Show PityDEVOTIONShow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgiveEDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709)Amarick Hall 1718-1827LMPsalm 103:13
228Thy Mourning People BendPUBLIC FASTSee gracious God, before ThyEDUnknownElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2002)CMLamentations 5:21© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
229O Thou That HearestSUPPLICATIONO Thou that hear'st when sinnersEDIsaac Watts 1674-1748Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMPsalm 66:19-20
230Let Wordly MindsRESIGNATIONLet wordly minds the world pursueEDUnknownfrom Southern HarmonyCMDI John 2:15; Titus 2:12
231When, O When?ROYAL PROCLAMATIONGod, who rules the times and EDUnknownUnknownPMPsalm 94:3-4
232If My People's Hearts Are HumbledAUSTRIAN HYMNIf my people's hearts are humbledEDClaire CloningerFranz Joseph Haydn 1732-1809 (poss. From a Croatian folk melody 1797)8 7 8 7 DII Chronicles 7:14© Copyright 1986 Warner Chappell/WORD Music. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
233I Was A Wandering SheepLEBANONI was a wand'ring sheep, I did notEDHoratius Bonar 1808-1889 (1843)John Zundel 1815-1882 (1855)SMDLuke 15:4-7
234CounselOh dear pilgrim are you troubledEDElder Leon H. Clevenger 1880-1980 Elder Leon H. Clevenger 1880-1980 8 7 8 7 DMatthew 11:29-30
235Do Not I Love Thee?DETROITDo not I love Thee, O my LordEDPhilip Doddridge 1702-1751William BradshawCMPsalm 139:23-24
236Depth Of Mercy!SEYMOURDepth of mercy! can there beEDCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1740)Carl Maria von Weber 1786-1826 (1826)arr. By Henry Wellington Greatorex 1813-1858 (1851)7’sRomans 1:16
237Jesus Paid It AllI hear the Saviour say, "Thy strengthEDElvina M. Hall 1822-1889 (1865)John T. Grape 1834-1915Isaiah 1:18
238Christians, If Your Hearts Are WarmKING OF PEACEChristians, if your hearts are warmEDElder John Leland 1754-1841Amzi Chapin 1768-1835Homer F. Morris 1875-19557’sI John 4:18
239Come Ye WearyCome ye humble and poorEDElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Matthew 11:28
240Humble Souls Who Seek SalvationCHARLESTOWNHumble souls, who seek salvationEDJohn Fawcett 1740-1817Stephen Jenks (1805)8 7 8 7Colossians 1:14; Mark 8:34
241Footsteps Of JesusSweetly, Lord, have we heard TheeEDMary B.C. Slade 1826-1882 (1871)Asa B. Everett 1828-1875Luke 9:23
242Sweet To Follow The LordLord, how sweet 'tis to seeEDElder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Elder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971II Corinthians 1:11-12
243Down By The Water SideFORESTDown by the water side we meetEEUnknownAmzi Chapin 1768-1835LMMatthew 3:13-17
244Down To The Sacred WaveIDUMEADown to the sacred waveEESamuel F. Smith 1808-1895 (1843)Ananias Davisson (1816)Arr.SMMark 1:9-11
245Just As I AmWOODWORTHJust as I am, without one pleaEDCharlotte Elliot 1789-1871 (1835)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1849)LMRomans 3:23
246Didst Thou, Dear Jesus?LEANDERDidst Thou, dear Jesus, suffer EEUnknownAustin; arr. UnknownArr.CMDRomans 1:16
247What Lovely Band Is This?DEVOTIONWhat lovely band is this I seeEEDaniel Amarick Hall 1718-1827LMActs 18:8
248That Dreadful NightAVONThat dreadful night before His deathEFJoseph Hart 1712-1768Hugh Wilson 1764-1824CMLuke 22:19
249'Twas On That Dark NightWINDHAM'Twas on that dark, that doleful nightCDIsaac Watts 1674-1748Daniel Reed 1757-1836ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMLuke 22:19-20,48
250The Last SupperJust one more time before the doorEFNels Agee 1909-1968Elder Roland Green 1924-CMI Corinthians 11:25
251Come And DineJesus has a table spreadEFCharles Brenton Widmeyer 1884-1974 (1907)Charles Brenton Widmeyer 1884-1974 (1907)S. H. BoltonJohn 21:12
252Did Christ The Great Example Lead?CROSS OF CHRISTDid Christ the great example leadEFWilliam Cowper 1731-1800Leonard P. BreedloveCMDJohn 13:14
253Triumphal FeastJesus the God invites us hereEFUnknownElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2000)CMRevelation 19:9© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
254The Lord's SupperWhen we meet in sweet communionEFTillit S. Teddlie 1885-1987Tillit S. Teddlie 1885-1987Luke 22:15
255He Shall Save His PeopleSPRINGJesus, His name it shall beEGElder R.H. Pittman 1870-1941L.C. Everett 1818-1867CMMatthew 1:21
256View Of The CrossNEW BRITAINIn evil long I took delightEGJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)from Virgina HarmonyCMLuke 23:34
257Amazing GraceNEW BRITAINAmazing grace how sweet theEGJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)from Virgina HarmonyCMRomans 7:24
258Election’s ComfortSons we are thru God’s electionEGJohn Rippon 1751-1836Melissa Beauchamp 1960- & Elder Mark Green 1953- (2003)Romans 11:7; James 4:6; II Timothy 2:9© 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
259RedeemedRedeemed, how I Iove to proclaimEGFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1882)William J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921Psalm 107:2; Galatians 3:13
260Hail, Sovreign LoveDUANE STREETHail, sovreign love that first beganEGJehoida Brewer 1752-1817 (1776)George Coles 1792-1858 (1835)LMDHebrews 6:18
261Wondrous LoveWhat wondrous love is thisEGattr. Alexander MeansUS Folk Tune by J. Christopher in Southern Harmonyed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 12 9 6 6 12 9Romans 5:8
262Thy Mercy, My GodAMANDRAThy mercy, my God, is the themeEGJohn Stocker (1776)attr. Ananias DavissonArr.11'sRomans 9:15-16
263There Is A FountainCLEANSING FOUNTAINThere is a fountain filled with bloodEGWilliam Cowper 1731-1800 (1772)19th Century American Camp Meeting TuneCMEphesians 1:7
264CharityLABANLove is the greatest thingEGElder R.H. Pittman 1870-1941Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1830)SMI Corinthians 13:13
265I Love My Savior, GodIDUMEAI love my Savior, God, BecauseEGUnknownAnanias Davisson (1816)SMI John 4:19
266Grace, 'Tis A Charming SoundNINETY-THIRDGrace, 'tis a charming soundEGvs. 1,2,4,6 Philip Doddridge 1702-1751 (1740);vs. 3 & 5 Augustus M. Toplady 1740-1778 (1776)Amzi Chapin 1768-1835SMJohn 1:16-17
267Salvation! O, The Joyful SoundTWENTY-FOURTH "PRIMROSE"Salvation! O, the joyful sound!EGfrom Isaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Amzi Chapin 1768-1835 (1813)alto by W.M. CooperRevelation 12:10
268Wonderful Grace Of JesusWonderful grace of Jesus, greaterEGHaldor Lillenas 1885-1959 (1918)Haldor Lillenas 1885-1959 (1918)I Peter 2:3
269The Tree Of LifeTheTree of Life, how sweet the fruitEGDavid Gowens 1958- (1977)David Gowens 1958- (1977)V.J. (Sonny) Lowrance, Jr. 1942-Ezekiel 47:12© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
270Free SalvationROCKINGHAMLong ere the sun began his daysEGUnknownLowell Mason 1792-1872LMEphesians 1:4
271'Twas With An Everlasting LoveWINDHAM'Twas with an everlasting loveEGJohn Kent 1766-1843 Daniel Reed 1757-1836LMI Peter 1:2
272Beneath The Sacred Throne AVONBeneath the sacred throne of GodEGThomas Ken 1637-1711Hugh Wilson 1764-1824CMRevelation 22:1
273Sometimes A Light SurprisesECSTASYSometimes a light surprisesEGWilliam Cowper 1731-1800 (1779)T.W. CarterElder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945Psalm 55:6
274Mercy SeatMERCY SEATFrom ev'ry stormy wind that blowsEGHugh Stowell 1799-1865 (1831)Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMHebrews 9:5
275Whiter Than SnowI was an alien and death reignedEGElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Isaiah 1:18
276In Songs Of Sublime AdorationCONCORDIn songs of sublime adoration andEGGeorge Keith (1787)William Caldwell11 8 11 8Isaiah 52:13
277Salvation! O Melodious SoundTWENTY-FOURTH "PRIMROSE"Salvation! O melodious soundEGPhilip Doddridge 1702-1751Amzi Chapin 1768-1835 (1813)alto by W.M. CooperPsalm 89:5
278Babylon Is FallenHail! the day so long expectedEGUnknownOld Melodyarr. by John B. Vaughan 1860-1918Revelation 14:8
279Happy The HomeST. AGNESHappy the home when God is thereFAHenry Ware 1794-1843John B. Dykes 1823-1876 (1866)CMJoshua 24:15
280Farther AlongTempted and tried, we're oft made to wonderFAW. B. StevensW. B. StevensJ. R. Baxter, Jr.Romans 8:28© Copyright 1937 by Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co. in "Starlit Crown". Renewed 1965. Adm. By Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
281It Is Well With My SoulVILLE DU HAVREWhen peace, like a riverFAHoratio G. Spafford 1828-1888 (1873)Philip P. Bliss 1838-1876 (1876)Philippians 4:11
282Hide Thou MeSometimes I feel discouragedFAL. R. TolbertThoro Harris 1874-1955Exodus 33:22© Copyright 1926 (Renewal 1953) Singspiration Music (Adm. By Brentwood-Benson Music, Franklin, TN.) All rights reserved. Used by permission.
283Ye Little FlockELIZABETHTOWNYe little flock, whom Jesus feedsFAUnknownGeorge Kingsley 1811-1884CMLuke 12:32
284Blessed AssuranceBlessed assurance, Jesus is mineFAFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1873)Phoebe Palmer Knapp 1839-1908 (1873)Hebrews 6:11
285’Tis So Sweet To Trust In JesusTis so sweet to trust in JesusFALouisa M. R. Stead ca. 1850-1917 (1882)William J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921 (1882)I Timothy 4:10
286ExperienceHow sweet to reflect on the dayFAElder John R. Daily 1854-1920Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) II Corinthians 1:10
287What Empty ThingsMAITLANDWhat empty things are all the skiesFAUnknownGeorge N. Allen 1812-1877 (1844)CMIsaiah 24:1; Isaiah 25:9
288Standing On The PromisesStanding on the promisesFARussell Kelsoe Carter 1849-1928 (1886)Russell Kelsoe Carter 1849-1928 (1886)Romans 4:21
289Walk Beside MeWalk beside me, O, my SaviorFAKatharine E. PurvisJames M. BlackMicah 6:8
290The Lord Remembers MeAmid the sorrows of the wayFAElder John R. Daily 1854-1920Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920ed. By Elder J.A. Monsees 1883-1971Psalm 25:7
291I Will Rest In Thy LoveASSURANCEOh, my Lord, I am ThineFAElder John R. Daily 1854-1920Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920Hebrews 4:3
292A Child Of The KingMy Father is rich in houses and landsFAHarriet E. Buell 1834-1910 (1877); alt.John B. Sumner 1839-1918 (1877)Ed. for PBH 2003Matthew 7:11
293Sweet RiversSweet rivers of redeeming love lie justFAUnknownUed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) Song of Sol. 3:4
294Hide Thou MeIn Thy cleft, O Rock of AgesFAFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1889)Robert Lowry 1826-1899Psalm 94:22
295Never AloneI've seen the lightning flashingFAattr. To Lucy D. Pickett (1897)arr. By Fred JackeyEnglish ArrangedHebrews 13:5
296The Lord Has Been So Good To MeThe Lord has been so good to meFAElder R. H. Pittman 1870-1941Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Psalm 135:3
297The Rock That Is Higher Than IO, sometimes the shadows are deepFAErastus Johnson 1826-1909 (1871)William G. Fischer 1835-1912Psalm 61:2
298Fade, Fade, Each Earthly JoyLUNDIEFade, fade,each earthly joyFAJane C. Bonar 1821-1884 (1843)Theodore E. Perkins 1831-1912Ecclesiastes 1:14
299Beneath The Cross Of JesusST. CHRISTOPHERBeneath the cross of JesusFAElizabeth C. Clephane 1830-1869 (1868)Frederick C. Maker 1844-1927 (1881)76 86 86 86Galatians 6:14
300Leaning On The Everlasting ArmsWhat a fellowship, what a joy divineFAElisha A. Hoffman 1839-1929 (1887)Anthony J. Showalter 1858-1924John 12:38
301He Hideth My SoulA wonderful Savior is JesusFAFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1890)William J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921Psalm 78:35
302My StrengthELIZABETHTOWNDear Lord divine, in thee I find New strengthFAMary D. Phipps 1920- (1971)George Kingsley 1811-1884CMIsaiah 58:2
303When The Savior Stands By MeWhen the toils and cares of lifeFAR. L. RustR. L. RustPsalm 16:11
304Enough For MeO love surpassing knowledge!FAE. A. HoffmanE. A. HoffmanHebrews 4:9-10
305Awake, My Soul, In Joyful LaysLOVING KINDNESSAwake my soul, in joyful laysFASamuel Medley 1738-1799 (1782)attr. To William Caldwell in Union HarmonyLMPsalm 61:8
306Trust And ObeyWhen we walk with the LordFBJohn H. Sammis 1846-1919 (1887)Daniel B. Towner 1850-1919 (1887)I Samuel 15:22
307OthersLord, help me live from day to dayFBC. D. Meigs; alt. For Primtive Baptist Hymnal (2004)Elizabeth McE. ShieldsPhilippians 2:3
308Jesus, I My Cross Have TakenDISCIPLEJesus, I my cross have takenFBHenry F. Lyte 1793-1847 (1824)from Wolfgang A. Mozart 1756-17918's & 7'sMark 10:21
309I Surrender AllAll to Jesus I surrenderFBJudson W. Van DeVenter 1855-1939 (1896)Winfield S. Weeden 1847-1908 (1896)arr. By Elder Roland U, Green 1924- (1995)Psalm 18:44
310Come, Tell Us Your TroublesHICKMANCome, tell us your troublesFBUnknownUnknownPMRomans 10;9-10
311Sweet Is The WorkSweet is the work, my GodFBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (1998)Psalm 104:34; Hebrews 13:21; I John 4:12© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
312Draw Me NearerI am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voiceFBFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1875)William H. Doane 1832-1915Jeremiah 30:21
313Jesus Calls UsGALILEEJesus calls us o'er the tumultFBCecil Frances Alexander 1818-1895 (1852)William H. Jude 1851-1922 (1874)8's & 7'sPsalm 65:7
314My Lord, I Did Not Choose YouWHITFIELDMy Lord, I did not choose YouFBJosiah Conder 1789-1855 3rd vs by Elder Roland Green 1924- (1994)UnknownElder Roland Green 1924- (1994)7 6 7 6 DJohn 15:16
315O, How Happy Are TheyLINCOLNO, How happy are they Who their Savior obeyFBCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1749); alt.Unknownarr. By Horace N. Lincoln b. 18596 6 9 6 6 9I Peter 1:22
316Sweet Fellowship With GodADAMSFrom all that's mortal, all that's vainFBUnknownJ. A. AdamsCMI John 1:3
317From All That's MortalTWENTY-FOURTH "PRIMROSE"From all that's mortal, all that's vainFBUnknownAmzi Chapin 1768-1835 (1813)I John 1:3
318I'm Not Ashamed To Own My LordARLINGTONI'm not ashamed to own my LordFBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Dr. Thomas A. Arne 1710-1778 (1762)ed. By Ralph Harrison 1748-1810 (1784)CMI Peter 4:16
319Be HolyBe ye holy as God is holyFBMosie Lister 1921-Mosie Lister 1921-V. J. (Sonny) Lowrance, Jr. 1942-I Peter 1:16© 1988 MOSIE LISTER SONGS (Administered By THE COPYRIGHT COMPANY NASHVILLE, TN) All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured.  Used by Permission.
320Cleanse MeMAORISerach me, O GodFBJames Edwin Orr 1912-1987Maori MelodyPsalm 51:2
321Higher GroundI’m pressing on the upward wayFBJohnson Oatman, Jr. 1856-1922 (1898); alt.Charles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 (1892)Exodus 3:5; Psalm 69:29
322Jesus Help Me To Be StrongJesus help me to be strongFBOla Fay (Denman) Heflin 1926- (1961); Helen (Denman) Beauchamp 1919-Ola Fay (Denman) Heflin 1926- (1961); Helen (Denman) Beauchamp 1919-7'sPsalm 119:28© Copyright 1961 by Baptist Trumpet, Inc. in Primitive Baptist Hymnal. All Rights reserved.
323What Shall I Render?EDENWhat shall I render to my GodFBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Benjamin F. White 1800-1879alto by Mrs. R.D. BlackshearCMPsalm 116:12
324O Thou, In Whose PresenceSAMANTHRAO Thou, in whose presence my soul takes delightFBJoseph Swain 1761-1796 (1791)Southern HarmonySong Of Solomon 1:7
325O Thou, In Whose PresenceBELOVEDO Thou, in whose presence my soul takes delightFBJoseph Swain 1761-1796 (1791)Freeman Lewis 1780-185911 8 11 8 DSong Of Solomon 1:7
326My Journey HomeSAINT’S DELIGHTIn all my Lord's appointed waysFBJohn Ryland 1753-1825F. Price in Southern Harmonyed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CM with RefrainNumbers 10:13
327Teach Me The Measure Of My DaysSUFFIELDTeach me the measure of my daysFBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMPsalm 39:4
328Near To The Heart Of GodThere is a place of quiet restFBCleland B. McAfee 1866-1944 (1903)Cleland B. McAfee 1866-1944 (1903)Exodus 33:14
329Have Thine Own WayHave Thine own way, Lord!FBAdelaide A. Pollard 1862-1934 (1907)George C. Stebbins 1846-1945 (1907)Romans 9:21
330Prince Of Peace, Control My WillALETTAPrince of Peace, control my willFBattr. To Mary S. B. Shindler 1801-1883 (1858)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1858)7'sEphesians 5:17
331My Jesus, I Love TheeMy Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineFBWilliam R. Featherstone 1846-1873 (1964)Adoniram J. Gordon 1836-1895 (1876)II Corinthians 6:6
332Purer In Heart, O GodPurer in heart, Oh God, help me to beFBFannie Estelle Davison 1851-1887 (1877)James H. Fillmore, Sr. 1849-1936I Timothy 1:5
333Entire ConsecrationYARBROUGHTake my life and let it beFBFrances Ridley Havergal 1836-1879 (1874)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868Rigdon McCoy McIntosh 1836-18997'sPsalm 143:10
334Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone?MAITLANDMust Jesus bear the cross aloneFBVs.1 Thomas Shepherd 1665-1739 (1693); Vs 2-3 George N. Allen 1812-1877 (1844); VS 4-6 Henry Ward Beecher 1813-1887 (1855)George N. Allen 1812-1877 (1834)CMMatthew 16:24
335I'd Rather Have JesusI'd rather have Jesus than silver or goldFBRhea F. Miller 1894-1966George Beverly Shea b. 1909Joshua 24:15© Copyright 1939 Renewal 1966 Word, Inc. (ASCAP) 65 Music Square W. Nashville, TN 37203. All rights reserved. Made in USA. International copyright secured. Used by permission.
336Let Me Stand By The MountainAs I stand by the side of the mountainFBJohn Melvin Henson 1887-1972John Melvin Henson 1887-1972Psalm 19:1© Copyright 1948 by J.M. Henson. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
337Now I Resolve With All My HeartARIZONANow I resolve with all my heartFBFrom Lutheran HymnsRobert H. Earnshaw 1856-1929LMLuke 16:4
338Lord, In Humble, Sweet SubmissionOLNEYLord, in humble, sweet submissionFBDanielUnknown8's & 7'sRomans 6:4
339O, To Be Like TheeO, to be like Thee, blessed RedeemerFBThomas O. Chisholm 1866-1960 (1897)William J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921Romans 8:29
340Nearer, My God, To TheeBETHANYNearer, my God, to TheeFBSarah F. Adams 1805-1848 (1841)Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1856)64 64 66 64James 4:8
341So Let Our Lips And Lives ExpressABNERSo let our lips and lives expressFBIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)J. A. AdamsLMRomans 12:1
342Christ Is The Treasure I DesireHAMILTONJesus is all I wish or wantFBUnknownBenjamin Franklin White 1800-1879 in The Sacred HarpLMMatthew 6:21
343The Solid RockSOLID ROCKMy hope is built on nothing lessFCEdward Mote 1797-1874 (ca. 1834)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1863)LM with RefrainI Corinthians 10:4
344I Would See JesusI would see Jesus when the flowersFCVs. 1 Unknown; Vs 2-4 William Cowper 1731-1800Leonard P. BreedloveAlto by A.N. Whitten 1856-1949CMDI Peter 1:7
345Our Help Is In Jehovah’s NameHad not the Lord, may Israel sayFCfrom Lloyd's Primitive HymnsElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2003)Psalm 124:1© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
346The Blessed Service Of LoveBlessed are the saints who renderFCElder R. H. Pittman 1870-1941Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Ecclesiastes 11:1
347Faith Is The Brightest EvidenceDUNDEEFaith is the brightest evidenceFCIsaac Watts 1674-1748Scottish Psalter (1615)CMHebrews 11:3
348Dear Father, To Thy Mercy SeatBELMONTDear Father, to Thy mercy seatFCUnknownWilliam Gardiner 1769-1853 (1812)CMHebrews 10:16-22
349Hail! Ye Sighing Sons Of SorrowSONS OF SORROWHail! ye sighing sons of sorrowFCUnknownWilliam C. Hauser 1812-1880alto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-19458 7 8 7 DIsaiah 35:10
350Hold To God's Unchanging HandTime is filled with swift transitionFCJennie WilsonF. L. EilandMalachi 3:6
351O, For A Faith That Will Not ShrinkBALERMAO, for a faith that will not shrinkFCWilliam H. Bathurst 1796-1877 (1831)François H. Barthélémon 1741-1808ed. Robert Simpson 1790-1832CMI Peter 1:21
352Love Divine, How Sweet The SoundWEEPING SINNERSLove divine, how sweet the soundFCUnknownJ. P. Rees7'sII Corinthians 3:18,
353More Holiness Give MeMore holiness give meFCPhilip P. Bliss 1838-1876 (1873)Philip P. Bliss 1838-1876 (1873)Romans 6:19
354Wait, My Soul, Upon The LordREFUGEWait, my soul, upon the LordFCWilliam F. Lloyd 1791-1853Minshall7'sPsalm 130:5; Deuteronomy 33:25
355To Heaven I Lift My Waiting EyesBROWNTo heav'n I lift my waiting eyesFCIsaac Watts 1674-1748William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1867)CMPsalm 121:1
356Jesus Loves Even MeI am so glad that our Father in heavenFCPhilip P. Bliss 1838-1876 (1871)Philip P. Bliss 1838-1876 (1871)I John 4:8-10
357Our FaithWhen the Lord bids us walkFCElizabeth N. WeedenElizabeth N. WeedenVirginia N. Speiden and Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964II Corinthians 5:7
358O, May I Worthy Prove To SeeADIEUO, may I worthy prove to seeFCUnknownUnknownElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964LMRevelation 21:2
359Come, Brethren And SistersUNIONCome, brethren and sisters, that love one anotherFCUnknown; alt.E. J. Kingalto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)PMPsalm 22:22
360Nothing BetweenNothing between my soul and the SaviorFCCharles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1905)Charles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1905)F. A ClarkII Peter 3:14
361Give Me The Wings Of FaithGAINESGive me the wings of faith to riseFCIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709); alt.William C. Hauser 1812-1880CMHebrews 6:19
362Poor, Weak And WorthlessESTESPoor, weak and worthless tho' I amFCJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)John S. TerryLMPsalm 70:5
363My Faith Looks Up To TheeOLIVETMy faith looks up to TheeFCRay Palmer 1808-1887 (1830)Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1830)Romans 3:25
364Have Faith In GodHave faith in God when your pathwayFCBaylus B. McKinney 1886-1952 (1934)Baylus B. McKinney 1886-1952 (1934)Romans 8:26© Copyright 1934 renewal 1962 by Broadman Press. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
365As Thirsts The HartBACAAs thirsts the hart for water brooksFCUnknownWilliam B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1858)LMPsalm 42
366Faith Of Our FathersST. CATHERINEFaith of our fathers! living stillFCFrederick W. Faber 1814-1863 (1849); alt.Henri F. Hemy 1818-1888 (1864)James G. Walton 1821-1905Jude 3
367We Sing Of HopeIn Thee, O Lord, I put my trustFCElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (1999)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (1999)Psalm 31:1-10© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
368Near The CrossJesus, keep me near the crossFCFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1869)William H. Doane 1832-1915 (1869)I Corinthians 1:17-18
369Through The ShadowMaster, O why do the clouds hang lowFCR. W. Cothern 1889-1965A.N. Whitten 1856-1949Hebrews 12:12
370Ye Objects Of SenseSONG OF TEXASYe objects of sense, and enjoyments of timeFCUnknownS. W. P. & H. S. R.alto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945; alt.11's & 8'sII Corinthians 4:18
371Lord, I BelieveDOWNSLord, I believe; Thy power I ownFDJohn R. Wredford 1800-1881Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1832)CMMark 9:24
372Master, The Tempest Is RagingMaster, the tempest is ragingFDMary Ann Baker 1831-1921 (1874)Horatio R. Palmer 1834-1907 (1874)Mark 4:35-41
373Abide With MeEVENTIDEAbide with me! Fast falls the eventideFDHenry F. Lyte 1793-1847 (1847)William H. Monk 1823-1889 (1861)10 10 10 10John 15:4
374When I Get To The End Of The WayThe sands have been washed in the footprintsFDCharles D. Tillman 1861-1943Charles D. Tillman 1861-1943Isaiah 30:19-21
375Whispering HopeSoft as the voice of an angelFDSeptimus Winner 1827-1902 (1868); under the pseudonym Alice HawthorneSeptimus Winner 1827-1902 (1868)arr. By John T. Cook 1900- John 16:22© Copyright Stamps Quartet Music/BMI (admin. by ICG).  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
376The Faithless WorldPROSPECT OF HEAVENThe faithless world promiscuous flowsFDUnknownA Grambling from Southern HarmonyII Peter 3:13
377The Touch Of His Gentle HandNo matter how dark the nightFDAlbert E. Brumley 1905-1977Albert E. Brumley 1905-1977ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) Matthew 17:7© Copyright 1960 by Stamps-Baxter Music. All rights reserved. Used by Permission of Brentwood-Benson Music.
378Prostrate, Dear JesusCONSOLATIONProstrate, dear Jesus, at Thy feetFDStennettUnknownarr. by Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920CMI John 2:1-2
379Jesus Loves MeJesus loves me! this I knowFDfrom Anna B. Warner 1827-1915 (1860)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1862)I John 4:19
380When Overwhelmed With DoubtsDEVOTIONWhen overwhelmed with doubts and fearFDThomas Ken 1637-1711Amarick Hall 1718-1827LMPsalm 61:1-2
381O Love That Will Not Let Me GoST. MARGARETO Love that will not let me goFDGeorge Matheson 1842-1906Albert L. Peace 1844-1912 (1884)Jeremiah 31:3
382Bear Me Up, AngelsGod's angels encampethFDJohnson Oatman, Jr. 1856-1922H. M. EaglePsalm 34:7
383Christ SatisfiesWhen e'er you need a friendFDJohn M. Henson 1887-1972L. D. MorrisPsalm 107:9
384Thus Far The Lord Has Led Me OnHEBRONThus far the Lord has led me onFDIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1830)LMPsalm 17:8-9
385Love DivineBEECHERLove divine, all loves excellingFDCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1747)John Zundel 1815-1882 (1870)8 7 8 7 DI John 4:16-18
386Does Jesus Care?Does Jesus care when my heart is painedFDFrank E. Graeff 1860-1919 (1901)Joseph Lincoln Hall 1866-1930Isaiah 63:9
387God Will Take Care Of YouBe not dismayed whate'er betideFDCivilla D. Martin 1869-1948 (1904)Walter S. Martin 1862-1935I Corinthians 10:13
388In The GardenI come to the garden aloneFDCharles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1913)Charles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1913)Psalm 128:1
389His Eye Is On The SparrowWhy should I feel discouragedFDCivilla D. Martin 1869-1948 (1905)Charles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 (1905)Elder Roland Green 1924- (1980)Luke 12:7
390Close To TheeHELENThou, my everlasting portionFDFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1874)Silas J. Vail 1818-1884 (1874)8 7 8 7Luke 14:26-27
391Leave It ThereIf the world from you withholdFDCharles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1916)Charles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1916)I Peter 5:7
392Sitting At The Feet Of JesusSitting at the feet of JesusFDK. C. MinterJ. W. DavisLuke 8:41; Luke 10:39
393Sweetly RestingIn the rifted Rock I'm restingFDMary D. James 1810-1883W. Warren BentleyPsalm 94:22
394How Tedious And TastelessGREEN FIELDSHow tedious and tasteless the hoursFDJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)mel. Of Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750Lewis Edson 1748-1820 (1782); ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)LMDSongs of Solomon 3:1
395O Jesus! Sweet The TearsBABEL'S STREAMSO Jesus! sweet the tears I shedFDRoy Palmer 1808-1887Unknownalto by W.R. McCoy; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)CMDEphesians 2:16
396Walk With GodI love the quietness of the morningFDDarrene Collins 1942-Morris Nowlin 1915-ed. By permission for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)Psalm 55:17© Copyright 1973 by Harp of Ages, Inc. in "Harp of Ages". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
397It Is IWhen the storm in its furyFDI. J. Baltzell 1832-1893A. S. Kieffer 1840-1904Matthew 14:27
398The Child Of GraceHow happy's every child of graceFDCharles Wesley 1707-1788E. J. King (1844)alto by Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)Hebrews 11:16
399When The Savior Reached DownOnce my soul was astray FDG. E. WrightG. E. WrightRomans 7:24; 8:1© Copyright 1948 by Stamps-Baxter Music/BMI. (Adm. By Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc.) All rights reserved. Used by permission.
400Safe In The Arms Of JesusSafe in the arms of JesusFDFanny Crosby 1820-1915 (1868)William Howard Doane 1832-1915 (1868)Mark 9:36-37
401Be Still, My SoulFINLANDIABe still, my soul; The Lord is on thy sideFDfrom Katharina von Schlegel 1697-1768 (1752) Tr. by Jane Laurie Borthwick 1813-1897 (1855)Jean Sibelius 1865-1957 (1899)10'sI Kings 19:12; I Corinthians 10:13
402LORD, Let Thy GoodnessLORD, let Thy goodness lead our landFEfrom Lutheran HymnsMary Beth Watson 1985- (2001)LMEphesians 4:1© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
403Bower Of PrayerTo leave my dear friendsFEUnknownP. Richerson & William Walker 1809-1875 (1853)11'sGenesis 12:1
404Did You Think To Pray?Ere you left your room this morningFEMary Ann P. Kidder 1820-1905 (1876)William O. Perkins 1831-1902Philippians. 4:6
405I Need The PrayersI need the prayers of those I loveFEJames D. Vaughan 1864-1941James D. Vaughan 1864-1941James 5:16
406'Tis The Blessed Hour Of Prayer'Tis the blessed hour of prayerFEFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1880)William H. Doane 1832-1915James 1:6
407God Of Our Salvation, Hear UsGod of our salvation, hear usFEThomas Kelly 1769-1855; alt.Rebekah Green 19810 & Ann Heffington 1982- ; Instructed by Logan Green 1924-John 17:15© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
408The Hour Of PrayerPROSPERITYThe hour of prayer once more is come!FEUnknownE. SosebeeCMDJames 1:6
409Tell It To JesusDAYTONAre you weary, are you heavy hearted?FEEdmund S. Lorenz 1854-1942 (1876); trans. By Jeremiah E. Rankin 1828-1904 (1880)Edmund S. Lorenz 1854-1942 (1876)Matthew 14:12
410Redeeming LoveO, help us Lord! each hour of needFEHenry H. Milman 1791-1868 (1827)Aldine S. Keiffer 1840-1904CMDMatthew 15:25; Mark 7:28
411Oh Lord, Remember MePISGAHJesus, Thou art the sinner's friendFERichard Burnham ca. 1749-1810 (1796)Joseph C. Lowry b. 1820CMLuke 23:42
412Pass Me NotPass me not, O gentle SaviorFEFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1868)William H. Doane 1832-1915 (1870)Mark 10:47
413More Love To TheeMore love to Thee, O ChristFEElizabeth Prentiss 1818-1878 (1856)William H. Doane 1832-1915 (1870)II Thessalonians 3:5
414God Of LoveWEEPING SINNERSGod of love, O hear our prayerFEUnknownJ. P. ReesElder Roland Green 1924- 7'sActs 10:4
415Thy Holy PresenceJesus, our Lord, grant us this hourFEJackie Smith 1911-V. J. (Sonny) Lowrance, Jr. 1942-Philippians 3:10© Copyright 1996 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. in "Our Little Hymnal". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
416What A FriendCONVERSEWhat a friend we have in JesusFEJoseph M. Scriven 1819-1886 (1855)Charles C. Converse 1834-1918 (1868)8 7 8 7 DJohn 15:15; Luke 7:34; Ephesians 6:18
417Lead Me SafelyHeal me by Thy mighty powerFEWillie Jo Strevel 1926-Ernest L. Parker 1907-19997 7 7 7 DPsalm 25:5© Copyright 1963 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
418Nearer To TheeNearer to Thee, Lord, draw me todayFEJames Rowe 1865-1933Homer F. Morris 1875-1955Hebrews 10:22
419Sweet Hour Of PrayerSWEET HOURSweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!FEWilliam W. Walford 1772-1850 (1845)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1861)LMDPsalm 5:2
420I Must Tell JesusI must tell Jesus all of my trialsFEElisha A. Hoffman 1839-1929 (1893)Elisha A. Hoffman 1839-1929 (1893)Psalm 38:6
421The Soul's DesirePrayer is the soul's sincere desireFEJames Montgomery 1771-1854 (1818)GriggsCMHebrews 7:25; Luke 11:1
422Prayer HymnJesus Christ, our loving friendFEV. J. (Sonny) Lowrance, Jr. 1942-V. J. (Sonny) Lowrance, Jr. 1942-Luke 11:3© Copyright 1996 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. in "Our Little Hymnal". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
423A Closer Walk With GodBALERMAO, for a closer walk with GodFEWilliam Cowper 1731-1800François H. Barthélémon 1741-1808ed. Robert Simpson 1790-1832CMPsalm 143:8
424O, For A Closer Walk With GodORTONVILLEO, for a closer walk with GodFEWilliam Cowper 1731-1800Thomas Hastings 1784-1872CMII Thessalonians 4:1
425O, May The Power Be FeltO, may the power which melts the rockFEUnknownJohn Massengaleed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMII Peter 3:10; 3:17
426I Need Thee Every HourI need Thee ev'ry hour, Most gracious LordFEfrom Annie Sherwood Hawks 1836-1918 (1872)Robert Lowry 1826-1899Philippians 4:19
427Please Mention My NameWhenever you pray, please mention my nameFEJohn T. CookJohn T. CookJames 5:16© Copyright 1952. Stamps Quartet Music/SESAC(admin. by ICG). All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
428How Charming Is The PlaceHALLHow charming is the placeFEUnknownEnglish ThemeSMColossians 4:2-3
429Sweet The MomentsGREENVILLESweet the moments, rich in blessingFEJames Allen 1734-1804Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712-1778 (1752)8's & 7'sColossians 1:20
430I Love To Steal A While AwayBROWNI love to steal a while awayFEPhoebe H. Brown 1783-1861 (1818)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1867)CMMatthew 14:23
431All Goodness FlowsMARTYRDOMO Thou from whom all goodness flowsFEThomas Haweis 1734-1820 (1791)Hugh Wilson 1766-1824 (1800)CMPsalm 136:23
432Saviour, I ComeSaviour, I come to TheeFEIda L. Reed 1865-1951Adam Geibel 1855-1933John 6:37
433God Leads Us AlongIn shady green pastures so rich and so sweetFFGeorge A. Young (1903)George A. Young (1903)Psalm 23:2
434Hand In Hand With JesusOnce from my poor sin-sick soulFFJohnson Oatman, Jr. 1856-1922L. D. Huffstutler 1887-1977Psalm 18:35
435Stand By MeWhen the storms of life are ragingFFCharles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1905)Charles A. Tindley 1851-1933 (1905)Song of Solomon 2:1
436Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovahOLIPHANTGuide me, O Thou great JehovahFFWilliam Williams 1717-1791 (1745); trans. By Peter Williams 1723-1796 (1771); alt.Lowell Mason 1792-18728's, 7's & 4'sIsaiah 12:2, 26:4
437The Twenty-Third PsalmThe Lord my precious shepherd isFFO. B. A. White 1885-1984Roland Green 1924- CMDPsalm 23© Copyright 1983 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
438Tender CareWhen all Thy mercies, O my GodFFJoseph Addison 1672-1719 (1712); alt.P. M. AckleyCMDPsalm 89:1-5
439Lead, Kindly LightLUX BENIGNALead, kindly light amid the encircling gloomFFJohn H. Newman 1801-1890 (1833)John B. Dykes 1823-1876 (1865)10's & 4'sMicah 7:8
440The Lord Provides Tho' troubles assail, and dangers affrightFFJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)Unknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 10 10 11 11Genesis 22:14
441PreservationNow in Thy praise, eternal KingFFElder John R. Daily 1854-1920Elder John R. Daily 1854-1920II Corinthians 4:9
442Lone PilgrimYe pilgrims of Zion, and chosen of GodFFF. FowlerL. Commack11 8 11 8Job 27:6; I Peter 2:11
443Children Of The Heavenly FatherTRYGGARE KAN IGEN VARAChildren of the heavenly FatherFFKarolina W. Sandell-Berg 1832-1903 (1855);trans. By Ernst W. Olson 1870-1958 (1925)Swedish Folk TuneOskar Ahnfelt 1813-1882LMLuke 12:7; Romans 8:38
444Thy Way, Not Mine, O LordTHOMASSONThy way, not mine, O LordFFHoratius Bonar 1808-1889 (1857)William Hauser 1812-1880SMPsalm 25:4; Ephesians 1:10
445While Beauty And YouthMORALITYWhile beauty and youth are in their full primeFFUnknownUnknown11'sII Timothy 2:22
446Lead Me OnLead me safely on by the narrow wayFFJ. H. LeslieC. E. Pollock10 10 10 10 with RefrainMatthew 7:14
447All The Way My Savior Leads MeAll the way my Savior leads meFFFanny J. Crosby 1820-1915 (1875)Robert Lowry 1826-1899John 10:3
448Savior, Like A ShepherdSHEPHERDSavior, like shepherd lead usFFDorothy A. Thrupp 1779-1847 (1836)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1859)8 7 8 7 DEzekiel 34:12-16
449Step By Step, Day By DayJesus, more and more I need TheeFFVida Munden NixonByron L. Whitworth 1898-1962I John 5:15
450He Leadeth MeHe leadeth me! O blessed tho't!FFJoseph H. Gilmore 1834-1918 (1862)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1864)Psalm 23; Num. 6:24-26
451God's ProvidenceThe hand that wrought salvation trueFFElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (1999)Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (1999)Genesis 50:20© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
452God's PromiseGod has not promised skies always blueFFSel. by Elder T. R. CrawfordElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-19649'sII Peter 3:9
453God Moves In A Mysterious WayLIVERPOOLGod moves in a mysterious wayFFWilliam Cowper 1731-1800M. C. H. DavisCMIsaiah 55:8-9
454Jesus KnowsCome what may of joy or sorrowFFLaura E. NewellJ. H. Hall 1855-1941I Peter 5:7
455Almighty King!HIDING PLACEAlmighty King! whose wondrous handFFWilliam Cowper 1731-1800Benjamin Smith (1798)LMGenesis 50:20
456The Saints Bound For HeavenOur bondage, it shall end, by and byFFUnknownJ. King and William Walker 1809-1875 Acts 7:35; Deut 31:5; Romans 11:26
457Thy Way, O GodThy way, O God is in the seaFFJohn Fawcett 1740-1817Unknownarr.Psalm 77:19
458O, That The Lord Would GuideNINETY-FIFTHO, that the Lord would guide my waysFFIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)ColtonCMPsalm 25:9; Luke 1:79
459Jesus, Saviour, Pilot MePILOTJesus, Saviour, pilot meFFEdward Hopper 1816-1888 (1871)John E. Gould 1822-1875 (1871)7'sMark 4:39
460Canaan’s LandCANAAN'S LANDOh, for a breeze of heavenly loveFFUnknownE. J. Kinged.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CMDProverbs 23:19
461My Soul, Be On Thy GuardLABANMy soul, be on thy guardFGGeorge Heath 1750-1822Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1830)SMPsalm 40:13-14
462Brethren, While We Sojourn HereVALLEYBrethren, while we sojourn hereFGUnknownUnknown7'sMatthew 11:28
463Oh, Once I Had A Glorious ViewCOLUMBUSOh, once I had a glorious view FGUnknownUnknownCMDZechariah 13:9
464Gird Thy Loins UpRIPLEYGird thy loins up, Christian soldierFGJoseph Hart 1712-1768From A Gregorian Chant8 7 8 7 DEphesians 6:14
465Am I A Soldier Of The Cross?LEANDERAm I a soldier of the crossFGIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709)Austin, arr. UnknownCMDGalatians 6:14; II Timothy 2:4
466Am I A Soldier?CHRISTIAN SOLDIERAm I a soldier of the crossFGIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709)F. Price from Dover Selectionalto by W.M. Cooper; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)CMDGalatians 6:14; II Timothy 2:4
467Onward, Christian SoldiersST. GERTRUDEOnward, Christian soldiers, marching as to warFGSabine Baring Gould 1834-1924 (1865)Arthur Sullivan 1842-1900 (1871)6 5 6 5 D with RefrainII Timothy 2:3; Hebrews 10:39; Ephesians 2:8
468Soldiers Of The CrossBRUCE'S ADDRESSSoldiers of the cross, ariseFGAdapted from Robert Burns 1759-1796William Walker 1809-1875William Walker 1809-1875 1809-18757 7 7 5 DRevelation 2:10
469Ye Friends Of The SaviourCHRISTIAN WARFAREYe friends of the SaviourFGUnknownWilliam Walker 1809-1875 ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 12 11 12 11 DEphesians 2:1-10
470Come, Ye Thankful People, ComeST. GEORGE'S WINDSORCome, ye thankful people, comeFHHenry Alford 1810-1871 (1844)George J. Elvey 1816-1893 (1858)7 7 7 7 DMatthew 13:24-30
471Heavenly SunlightWalking in sunlight all of my journeyFHHenry J. Zelley 1859-1942 (1899)George H. Cook d.1948Ephesians 5:8
472Dwelling In Beulah LandFar away the noise of strife upon my earFHCharles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1911)Charles Austin Miles 1868-1946 (1911)Isaiah 62:4
473Count Your BlessingsWhen upon life's billowsFHJohnson Oatman, Jr. 1856-1922 (1897)Edwin O. Excell 1851-1921James 1:2
474The Half Has Never Been ToldI know I love Thee better LordFHFrances Ridley Havergal 1836-1879Ralph E. Hudson 1843-1901 (1893)I Kings 10:7; Matthew 12:42; I Kings 10:7
475To Him Who Did Salvation BringGOODWINTo Him who did salvation bringFHUnknownUnknown8 8 6 8 8 6Isaiah 52:10
476O, For A Heart To PraiseARLINGTONO, for a heart to praise my GodFHCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1742)Thomas Arne 1710-1778CMPsalm 9:1
477Songs Of Praise The Angels SangHORTONSongs of praise the angels sangFHfrom James Montgomery 1771-1854 (1819)Xaver S. von Wartensee 1786-18687'sLuke 2:13
478Immortal, Invisible, God Only WiseST. DENIOImmortal, invisible, God only wiseFHWalter C. Smith 1824-1908 (1876)Welsh Melody from Canaidau y Cyssegr by John Roberts 1822-1877 (1839)11'sI Timothy 1:17
479Joy UnspeakableI have found His is grace is all completeFHBarney E. Warren 1867-1951 (1900)Barney E. Warren 1867-1951 (1900)I Peter 1:8
480Come, All Ye Mourning PilgrimsPILGRIMCome, all ye mourning pilgrims dearFIUnknownJohn B. Dykes 1823-1876alto by Mrs. R.D. Blackshear, ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)CMDHebrews 2:10
481Thorny DesertDark and thorny is the desertFIFrom The Christian HarmonyWilliam Walker 1809-18758 7 8 7 DRevelation 7:10; Psalm 94:14; Romans 11:1
482On Jordan's Stormy BanksPROMISED LANDOn Jordan's stormy banks I standFISamuel Stennett 1727-1795 (1787)Miss M. Durham from Southern HarmonyUnknownCM with RefrainHebrews 11:9
483Constrained By Their LordCLARINGTONConstrained by their Lord to embarkFIJohn Newton 1725-1807UnkownLMDMatthew 14:27
484How Oft, Alas!ATWATERHow oft, alas! this wretched heartFIAnne Steele 1716-1778UnknownCMProverbs 27:8
485Say Now, Ye Lovely Social BandSOCIAL BANDSay now, ye lovely social bandFIUnknownUnknownLMDRevelation 7:14
486Ye Fleeting Charms Of EarthWHITEYe fleeting charms of earth, farewellFIUnknownElder Edmund Dumas in honor of Benjamin F. WhiteCM with RefrainIsaiah 40:8
487My Span Of Life Will Soon Be DoneSPAN OF LIFEMy span of life will soon be doneFIFrances M. Madan Cowper 1727-1797S. M. Brown (1869)alto by Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945CMDProverbs 29:15; Psalm 111:10
488Is Not This The Land Of Beulah?I am dwelling on the mountainFIUnknownUnknownIsaiah 62:4
489Where Could I Go?Living below in this old sinful worldFIJames B. Coats 1901-1961James B. Coats 1901-1961Isaiah 59:16© Copyright 1940 by Stamps-Baxter Music/BMI (Adm. By Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc.) All rights reserved. Used by permission.
490The Righteous Marching HomeAs Zion's pilgrims, in accordFIW. P. RiversRigdon McCoy McIntosh 1836-1899II Timothy 2:3; Acts 5:41
491TravelerMy days are passing swiftly byFIElder Leon H. Clevenger 1880-1980Elder Leon H. Clevenger 1880-1980CMDJohn 14:3
492O, Tell Me No MoreSWEET HARMONYO, tell me know more of this world's vain storeFIUnknownWilliam Walker 1809-187510 11 10 11Romans 8:21
493Children Of The Heavenly KingKING OF PEACEChildren of the heavenly KingFIfrom John Cennick 1718-1755 (1742); alt.Amzi Chapin 1768-1835Homer F. Morris 1875-19557'sI Corinthians 14:15
494I Am A Stranger Here BelowCONFLICTI am a stranger here belowFIUnknownUnknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMI Peter 2:11
495Palms Of VictoryI saw a wayward trav'lerFIJohn B. MathiasJohn B. Mathias (1836)7 6 7 6 D with RefrainJoel 2:32
496'Tis A Point I Long To KnowKING OF PEACE'Tis a point I long to knowFIJohn Newton 1725-1807UnknownF. Price7'sI John 3:14
497Anywhere Is HomeEarthly wealth and fameFIJohn M. Henson 1887-1972Homer F. Morris 1875-1955Hebrews 6:19
498I'm But A Wandering PilgrimPLEASANT HILLI'm but a wand'ring pilgrim hereFIElder John R. Daily 1854-1920William NicholsonCMDHebrews 11:3
499Sweet By And ByThere's a land that is fairer than dayGS. F. Bennett 1836-1889; alt.Joseph P. Webster 1819-1875Ezekiel 47:12
500No Night ThereIn the land of fadeless dayGJohn R. Clements 1868-1946 (ca. 1899)Hart P. Danks 1834-1903Revelation 21:25
501And Let This Feeble Body FailHALLELUJAHAnd let this feeble body failGCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1759)William Walker 1809-1875CM with RefrainRevelation 19:1
502Holy CityThere is a holy city, A happy world aboveGUnknownBenjamin F. White 1800-1879UnknownRevelation 21:2
503Face To FaceFace to face with ChristGCarrie E. Breck 1855-1934 (1898)Grant C. Tullar 1869-1950 (1898)I Corinthians 13:12
504Sweet To RejoicePASSING AWAYSweet to rejoice in lively hopeGUnknownJohn A. Watsoned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) CM with RefrainI Thessalonians 4:16
505Where The Soul Never DiesTo Canaan's land I'm on my wayGWilliam M. Golden 1878-1934 (1914)William M. Golden 1878-1934 (1914)Romans 6:8-9
506Won't It Be Wonderful There?When with the Savior we enter the glorylandGJames Rowe 1865-1933 Homer F. Morris 1875-1955ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) I Corinthians 2:9© Copyright 1930 Renewed 1958 by Stamps-Baxter Music. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Franklin, TN.
507I Feel Like Traveling OnMy heavenly home is bright and fairGWilliam Hunter 1811-1877James D. Vaughan 1864-1941James D. Vaughan 1864-1941Luke 16:16
508I'll Fly AwaySome glad morning when this life is o'erGAlbert E. Brumley 1905-1977 (1932)Albert E. Brumley 1905-1977 (1932)Ecclesiastes 12:7© Copyright 1932 in "Wonderful Message" by Hartford Music Co. Renewed 1960 by Albert E. Brumley & Sons/SESAC (admin. by ICG). All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
509The Unclouded DayO, they tell me of a home far beyondGJosiah K. Alwood 1828-1909 (ca. 1880)Josiah K. Alwood 1828-1909 (ca. 1880)Edwin O. Excell 1851-1921II Samuel 23:4 
510My Latest Sun Is Sinking FastANGEL BANDMy latest sun is sinking fastGJefferson Hascall 1807-1887 (1860)William B. Bradbury 1816-1868 (1862)CM with RefrainPsalm 91:11
511Shall We Gather At The RiverShall we gather at the riverGRobert Lowry 1826-1899 (1864)Robert Lowry 1826-1899 (1864)Revelation 22:1-2
512O, When Shall I See Jesus?BOUND FOR CANAANO, when shall I see JesusGfrom Dover SelectionE. J. Kingalto by W.M. Cooper; ed. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)7 6 7 6 with RefrainMatthew 24:31; Revelation 1:6
513When I Can Read My Title ClearNINETY-FIFTHWhen I can read my title clearGIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1707)ColtonCMPsalm 73:24; Romans 8:17
514Eden Of LoveHow sweet to reflect on those joysGUnknownUnknownMerle BenbowJohn 8:36; John 14:2© Copyright 1977 by Harp of Ages, Inc. in "Harp of Ages". All rights reserved. Used by permission.
515Vain World, AdieuWhen for eternal worlds we steerGElder Edmund DumasElder Edmund Dumasalto by Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945Psalm 100:2
516I Would Not Live AlwayI would not live alway; I ask notGWilliam A. Muhlenberg 1796-1877John M. Henson 1887-1972Job 7:16
517Carry Me HomePENICKWhile trav'ling thru this world belowGUnknown; alt.M. Sikesalto by Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945CM with RefrainMatthew 5:3-12
518I'll Live On SomewhereWhen this life is o'er, and I'm hereGHomer F. Morris 1875-1955Homer F. Morris 1875-1955I Thessalonians 4:17
519Some DayMy trials here on earth will cease, Some dayGJ. Graydon HallH. E. BarnettIsaiah 14:3
520Heaven Is My HomeI'm but a stranger here, Heav'n isGThomas R. Taylor 1807-1835 (ca. 1830s)Dr. Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1834)Isaiah 65:17-19; II Peter 3:13
521O, Sing To Me Of HeavenDUNBARO, sing to me of heav'nGMary S. B. Dana Shinder 1810-1833C. R. DunbarSMRevelation 21:4
522'Twill Be Glory By And ByMy Redeemer has gone to prepareGJohn B. Vaughan 1860-1918John B. Vaughan 1860-1918II Corinthians 3:18
523Where The Roses Never FadeI am going to a cityGElsie & Jack Osborn; Jim MillerElsie & Jack Osborn; Jim MillerRevelation 21:21© Copyright 1942(Renewed 1970) Stamps-Baxter Music. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
524The Happy LandThere is a happy land, Far, far awayGAndrew Young 1807-1889 (1838)Hindustani Air Leonard P. Breedlove (1850)Revelation 4:11
525Long Sought HomeJerusalem, my happy homeGTrans. from a Latin hymn of the 8th cent. In Eckington Collection (1790)William Bobo (1865)Galatians 4:26
526How Sweet To DieFarewell, vain world, I'm going homeGA. N. Whitten 1856-1949A. N. Whitten 1856-1949CMPhilippians 1:21
527Glorious Things Of Thee Are SpokenRIPLEYGlorious things of thee are spokenGJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779); alt.From A Gregorian Chant8 7 8 7 DPsalm 87:3
528Glorious ThingsJEFFERSONGlorious things of thee are spokenGJohn Newton 1725-1807 (1779)From Southern harmony by William Walker 1809-1875 (1835)Alto by S. M. Denson (1911)8 7 8 7 DPsalm 87:3
529The City Of LightThere's a city of light 'mid the starsGAldine S. Kieffer 1840-1904Aldine S. Kieffer 1840-1904Matthew 5:14, 35
530The Morning LightOh, the night of time soon shall pass awayGAldine S. Kieffer 1840-1904Aldine S. Kieffer 1840-1904Hebrews 12:22
531Life EternalI know that I cannot pray just likeGL. R. Wise 1920- ; 3rd verse Elder E. G. Morgan 1932-L. R. Wise 1920 - ; Willadean Wise Brunette 1941 -Romans 6:23© Copyright 1983 by Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
532I'll Lay My Armor DownWhere must a weary sinner goGUnknownJoseph B. MoonCM with RefrainPsalm 116:15
533I Don't Care To Stay Here Long!GOING HOMENow to the pow'r of God supremeGUnknownLeonard P. BreedloveAlto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945LM with RefrainJob 6:8; Jeremiah 4:14
534The Land Of RestThere is a land of pure delightGIsaac Watts 1674-1748James G. Douthit and William Walker 1809-1875Psalm 37:29
535When We All Get To HeavenSing the wondrous love of JesusGEliza E. Hewitt 1851-1920 (1898)Emily D. Wilson 1865-1942Nehemiah 9:6
536I'll Be SatisfiedWhen my soul is singing in thatGJoe H. PannellT. N. PannellPsalm 17:15
537In Worlds On HighThere is a land, a golden strandGJ. B. F. Wright 1877-1959J. B. F. Wright 1877-1959Ephesians 3:21
538Beulah LandI've reached the land of corn and wineGEdgar P. Sites 1836-1921 (1875)John R. Sweney 1837-1899 (1875)Genesis 32:49
539How Beautiful Heaven Must BeWe read of a place that's called heavenGA. S. BridgewaterA. P. Bland9 8 9 8 with RefrainRevelation 4:1-3
540Wait, And Murmur NotO troubled heart, there is a homeGW. H. BellamyWilliam J. Kirkpatrick 1838-1921Psalm 27:14
541Some Day, Some Happy DayI hear a song, a song so sweetGE. E. RexfordFrank M. Davis 1839-1896Elder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2004)Rev. 15:3; Isaiah 42:10
542Homeward BoundOut on the ocean all boundlessGUnknown; ed.J. W. Dadmun 1819-1890Ecclesiastes 12:5
543Not Made With HandsChrist went a building to prepareGUnknownOld MelodyHebrews 11:10
544O, I Want To See HimAs I journey thru the land singingGR. H. Cornelius 1872-1933 (1916)R. H. Cornelius 1872-1933 (1916)Psalm 27:8
545In Heaven My Choicest Treasure LiesZEPHYRIn heav'n my choicest treasure liesGGadsby's CollectionWilliam B. Bradbury 1816-1868LMI Kings 8:23,
546The Pearly White CityThere's a holy and beautiful cityGArthur F. InglerArthur F. InglerRevelation 21:2
547The Heavenly HomeWe're trav'ling on to that blest homeGObe Tingen (December 25, 1941); alt.Obe TingenRevelation 15:3
548What A Day That Will BeThere is coming a day when no heartachesGJim Hill 1930-Jim Hill 1930-Revelation 21:4Copyright 1955.  Renewed 1983, Ben Speer Music/SESAC (admin. by ICG). All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
549Lord, Dismiss UsGREENVILLELord, dismiss us with Thy blessingHWilliam Walter Shirley 1725-1786From Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712-1789 (1752)8 7 8 7 DActs 21:5
550The Lord Bless You And Keep YouThe Lord bless you and keep youHfrom Numbers 6:24-26Peter C. Lutkin 1858-1931 Num. 6:24-26
551Now The Day Is OverMERRIALNow the day is overHSabine Baring-Gould 1834-1924 (1865)Joseph Barnby 1838-1896 (1868)6 5 6 5Proverbs 3:24
552When Shall We All Meet Again?TOPLADYWhen shall we all meet again?HUnknownThomas Hastings 1784-18727'sActs 18:21
553In Mercy, Lord, Remember MeEVAN "NIGHT"In mercy, Lord, remember meHJohann F. Herzog 1647-1699 (1670)William H. Havergal 1793-1870 (1847)ed. W. BealeCMPs 30:10
554An Evening PrayerIf I have wounded any soul todayHC. Maude BattersbyCharles H. Gabriel 1856-1932I John 1:9
555A Parting Hymn We SingBOYLSTONA parting hymn we singHAaron R. Wolfe 1821-1902Lowell Mason 1792-1872 (1832)SMMatthew 26:30
556All Praise To TheeTALLIS' EVENING HYMNAll praise to Thee, my GodHThomas Ken 1637-1711 (1674); Text of 1709Adapted from a canon by Thomas Tallis in Archbishop Parker's Psalter (1560)LMPsalm 4:8
557Softly Now The Light Of DaySEYMOURSoftly now the light of dayHGeorge W. Doane 1799-1859Carl Maria von Weber 1786-1826Henry Wellington Greatorex 1813-1858 (1851)7'sActs 20:7
558Parting HandYe Christian friends in bonds of loveHUnknownJeremiah Ingals 1764-1828 & William Walker 1809-1875ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) Acts 20:36-38
559God Be With YouGod be with you till we meet againHJ. E. Rankin 1828-1904William G. Tomer 1832-1896II Corinthians 13:11
560Dismiss Us With Thy BlessingSESSIONSDismiss us with Thy blessing, LordHUnknownLuther O. Emmerson 1820-1915ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LMPsalm 119:11
561While O‘er Our Guilty LandNATIONAL FASTWhile o’er our guilty landLloyd's HymnalElder Bryce H. Lowrance 1970- (2004)II Chronicles 7:14© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
562When Abra'm Full Of Sacred AweFIRST MODE MELODYWhen Abra'm full of sacred aweLloyd's HymnalThomas Tallis 1505-1585Arr. By Elder Bryce H. Lowrance (2004)Genesis 18:32© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
563Eternal Father, Strong To SaveMELITAEternal Father, strong to saveIWilliam Whiting 1825-1878 (1860)John Bacchus Dykes 1823-1876 (1861)8'sPsalm 65:5-7
564God Of Our FathersNATIONAL HYMNGod of our fathers, whose almightyIDaniel C. Roberts 1841-1907 (1876)George W. Warren 1828-1902 (1888)ed.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) 10'sRevelation 15:3
565America The BeautifulMATERNAO beautiful for spacious skiesIKatherine Lee Bates 1859-1929 (1893)Samuel A. Ward 1847-1903 (1882)ed. by LowranceCMPsalm 33:12
566Battle Hymn Of The RepublicMine eyes have seen the glory of theIJulia Ward Howe 1819-1910; alt.19th Century American Camp Meeting Tune "John Brown's Body"Isaiah 63:1-6
567Great God Of NationsABENDSGreat God of nations, now to TheeLloyd's HymnalHerbert S. Oakeley 1830-1903 (1874)LMPsalm 108:3
568The Star Spangled BannerNATIONAL ANTHEMOh, say, can you see, by theIFrancis Scott Key 1779-1843 (1814)John Stafford Smith b. 1750 from To Anacreon In Heaven
569AmericaMy country, 'tis of theeISamuel Francis Smith 1808-1895 (1832)Henry Carey (1740)Romans 13:1-7
570Where We'll Never Grow OldI have heard of a landJJames C. Moore 1888-1962 (ca. 1914); alt.James C. Moore 1888-1962John 14:2-3; Revelation 10:6
571Take My Hand, Precious LordWhen my way groweth drearJThomas A. Dorsey 1899-1993 (1932)Thomas A. Dorsey 1899-1993 (1932)Proverbs 2:8© Copyright 1938 by Unichappell Inc. Copyright renewed. International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
572Precious MemoriesPrecious memories, unseen angelsJJ. B. F. Wright 1877-1959 (1925)J. B. F. Wright 1877-1959 (1925)8's & 7'sProverbs 10:7
573He's Gone! The Spotless SoulHOSANNAHe's gone! the spotless soul is goneJUnknownUnknowned.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) LM 6 linesMark 11:9-10
574He Whispers Sweet Peace To MeSometimes when misgivings darken the dayKWill M. Ramsey 1872-1939Will M. Ramsey 1872-1939II Timothy 1:7© Copyright 1932 in "New Songs". Owned by R.E. Winsett.
575Just A Little Talk With JesusI once was lost in sinKCleavant Derricks d. 1977 (1937); alt. For Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004)Cleavant Derricks d. 1977 (1937)Psalm 30:8© Copyright 1937 by Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co. used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc. All rights reserved.
576We Will GlorifyWe will glorify the King of kingsKTwila ParisTwila ParisArr. By Elder Bryce H. Lowrance (2004)Psalm 50:23© Copyright 1982 by Singspiration Music. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc. All rights reserved.
577I'll Meet You In The MorningI will meet you in the morningKAlbert E. Brumley 1905-1977Albert E. Brumley 1905-1977Revelation 22:1
578Open My EyesOpen my eyes, that I may seeKClara H. Scott 1841-1897 (1895)Clara H. Scott 1841-1897 (1895)I Peter 2:9; I John 1:7
579O, That Will Be GloryWhen all my labors and trialsKCharles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 (1900); alt.Charles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 (1900)Colossians 3:4
580Awakening ChorusAwake! awake! and sing the blessedKCharles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 under the pseudonym Charlotte G. HomerCharles H. Gabriel 1856-1932Isaiah 52:1
581The Bride's MansionI have a feeling from insideKElder J. A. Monsees 1883-1971Elder J. A. Monsees 1883-1971John 14:2; John 17:24
582Remember MeWhile traveling thru this world of sorrowfrom The Gospel Tide; 4th verse by James ReidThomas J. Farris Luke 23:42
583All Hail, Immanuel!All hail to Thee, ImmanuelKD. R. Van Sickle (1910)Charles H. Gabriel 1856-1932 (1910)Matthew 1:23
584Jesus Lifted My SoulJesus lifted my soul from the tempter'sKMarion W. Easterling 1910-1990J. A. McClungHebrews 10:39
585I'll Be A Friend To JesusThey tried my Lord and MasterKJohnson Oatman, Jr. 1856-1922J. W. DennisJohn 15:14
586Jesus, Hold My HandAs I travel thru this pilgrim landKAlbert E. Brumley 1905-1977; alt.Albert E. Brumley 1905-1977Isaiah 41:13© Copyright 1933 in "Gems of Gladness" by Hartford Music Co. Renewed 1961 by Albert E. Brumley & Sons/SESAC (admin. by ICG). All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
587When The Roll Is Called Up YonderWhen the trumpet of the LordKJames M. Black 1856-1938 (1893)James M. Black 1856-1938 (1893)Revelation 5:9 
588Sweet Beulah LandI'm kind of homesick forKSquire Parsons, Jr. 1948-Squire Parsons, Jr. 1948-Isaiah 62:4© Copyright 1979 by Kingsman Publishing Co. (BMI). (A div. Of Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Franklin, TN) All rights reserved. Used by permission.
589Lord, I’m UnworthyJesus my Savior, I’m coming right nowKThomas R. Wilson 1919-C.G. Couch 1906-10 10 10 10 with RefrainLuke 23:42© Copyright 1959 by Stamps-Baxter Music Co.,in Gospel Echoes. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
590Just The Same TodayWhen Moses and the IsraelitesKElder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Elder J. Harvey Daily 1881-1964Elder J. harvey daily 1881-1964Malachi 3:6
591One DayOne day when heaven was filledKJ. Wilbur Chapman 1859-1918 (1908)Charles H. Marsh 1886-1956 (1911)I John 4:14, 17
592BenedictionDear Lord, how could you give these blessingsJames L. Arnold 1981- (2001)James L. Arnold 1981- (2001)Psalm 113:7; Isaiah 57:15; Ephesians 2:6© Copyright 2004 Harmony Hill, A Primitive Baptist Foundation, Inc.
593He Bore It AllMy precious Savior suffered painKJ. R. Baxter, Jr.Virgil O. StampsLuke 23:33© Copyright 1954 by Stamps-Baxter Music. Used be permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publ., Inc. All rights reserved.
594Jesus Is Best Of AllI have a lot of friendsKJohn M. Henson 1887-1972; alt.Byron L. Whitworth 1898-1962Hebrews 4:15-16© Copyright 1935 in "Singing on the Way No. 2" Owned by Morris & Henson.
595The Great RedeemerHow I love the great RedeemerKFrancis Foster (1915)Samuel W. Beazley 1873-1944John 15:13
596The Lord Is My LightThe Lord is my light and my joyKJohn M. Henson 1887-1972L. D. MorrisEphesians 5:8© Copyright 1944 in Sing Aloud. Owned by Henson & Morris
597Never A Friend Like TheeLoving me ere I knew HimElsie D. Yale 1873-1956 under the pseudonym Grace GordonF. Campana Alfred JudsonPsalm 145:10-15
598Lift Me Up Above The ShadowsLift me up above the shadowsKHerbert Buffum 1879-1939R. E. Winsett 1876-1952Song of Solomon 4:6
599Do You Need A Friend?Do you need a friend to walk with youKBobby Burnett; alt.Videt PolkJohn 15:14© Copyright 1959 by Stamps-Baxter Music Co. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
600Lord, Lead Me OnWhen the way seems dark and longKMarion W. Easterling 1910-1990Marion W. Easterling 1910-1990Isaiah 48:17© Copyright 1937 by Stamps-Baxter Music Co. Used by permission of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
601Just A Closer Walk With TheeI am weak but Thou art strongKUnknownUnknownProverbs 18:24
602'Till The Storm Passes ByIn the dark of the midnightMosie Lister 1921-Mosie Lister 1921-Isaiah 25:4© Copyright 1958 MOSIE LISTER SONGS (Administered By THE COPYRIGHT COMPANY NASHVILLE, TN) All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured.  Used by Permission.
603May The Grace Of ChristCOLUMBIANAMay the grace of Christ our SaviourVs. 1 & 2 - John Newton 1725-1807 (1779); Vs. 3 & 4 - UnknownD.P. White (1850)8 7 8 7Psalm 142:7
604O, Sing Of His Mighty LoveO, bliss of the purifiedKUnknownWilliam B. Bradbury 1816-1868Isaiah 63:1
605Hosanna To JesusTHE ROYAL BANDHosanna to Jesus, I'm filled with HisLUnknownW. T. PowerAlto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-194512 11 12 11 DMatthew 21:9
606I'll Live In GloryI'd like to stay here longerKJohn M. Henson 1887-1972John M. Henson 1887-1972Psalm 85:9; I Thessalonians 4:17; Psalm 22:26
607David's LamentationDavid the king was grieved and movedLUnknownWilliam Billings 1746-1800 (1800)II Samuel 18:33
608All You That In The FloodLONSDALEAll you that in the floodLUnknownfrom the Bundell Manuscripts; attr. To Correllied.for Primitive Baptist Hymnal (2004) SMNehemiah 2:18; I Thessalonians 4:1
609Forgive The Song COWPERForgive the song that falls so lowLUnknownWilliam Cowper 1731-1800LMNumbers 14:18; Colossians 3:16-17
610Blow Ye The Trumpet, BlowLENOXBlow ye the trumpet, blowLCharles Wesley 1707-1788 (1750)Lewis Edson 1748-1820 (1782)HMLeviticus 25:9; Joel 2:15
611Now Shall My Inward JoysAFRICANow shall my inward joys ariseLIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1709)William Billings 1746-1800 (1770)CMPsalm 32:11; Isaiah 49:16
612As Down A Lone ValleyMURILLO'S LESSONAs down a lone valley with cedarsLfrom Timothy Dwight 1752-1817 (ca. 1794)19th Century Folk Tune by Morellialto by Elder Claudius H. Cayce 1871-1945
613Thy Works Of GloryOCEANThy works of glory, mighty LordLfrom Isaac Watts 1674-1748 Rudiments of Music (1787)CMPsalm 107:25-30; Psalm 89:9
614The Lord Into His Garden ComesNASHVILLEThe Lord into His garden comesfrom J. Leavitte in Christian Lyre (1830)Alexander Johnson (1821)8 8 8 6 DIsaiah 58:11
615While Thee I SeekPLEYEL’S HYMNWhile Thee I seek, protecting pow'rHelen M. Williams 1762-1827 (1790)Ignaz J. Pleyel 1757-1831CMPsalm 62:11-12
616Thus Will I SingFILLMOREGreat God, let all my tuneful pow'rsLUnknownJ. P. ReesLMJohn 16:20; Matthew 7:11; Psalm 59:16-17
617Leaning On Jesus' BreastO, that my Lord would come and meetLUnknownJ.T. AllenAlto by Maude AllenIsaiah 45:2; Psalm 107:16; Matthew 16:18
618Thru Every Age, Eternal GodSTRATFIELDThru ev'ry age, eternal GodLUnknownUnknownCMIsaiah 66:1
619Great God, AttendBALLSTOWNGreat God, attend while Zion singsLfrom Isaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Nehemiah Shumway (1809)LMPsalm 66:1-4, 19
620Burst, Ye Emerald GatesELYSIANBurst, ye emerald gates, and bringLRichard Kemperfelt (1777)Unknown7 6 7 6 7 7 7 7Colossians 1:20
621Lord, In The MorningEXHORTATIONLord, in the morning Thou shalt hearLIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Doolittle from Mercer's Cluster (1823)CMPsalm 5:3, 9:16
622Soar AwaySOAR AWAYI want a sober mindfrom Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1814)A.M. Cagle (1935)Romans 12:3© Copyright 1936 by Sacred Harp Publishing Co., Inc.
623My Spirit Looks To God RUSSIAMy spirit looks to God aloneIsaac Watts 1674-1748 (1719)Daniel Read (1786)LMLamentations 3:25-26
624RedemptionREDEMPTIONThere upon the cross of CalvaryJohn T. Hocutt (1959)John T. Hocutt (1959)9's & 6'sMatthew 27:38; I Thessalonians 4:14© Copyright 1960 by Sacred Harp Publishing Co., Inc.
625Jesus Died For MeALABAMAThe cross of Christ inspires my heartUnknownUnknownCMRomans 14:9; I Corinthians 15:3