The undergirding purpose of Harmony Hill is that we honor God in all that we think, say, and do. Because His ways are higher than our ways, we continue seeking to know His ways and to do them. He is our Heavenly Father… “it is He that hath made us and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture.” Ps 100:3

The purpose of all our guidelines is the security and well-being of our students and the preservation of the God-honoring atmosphere we always strive to uphold at Harmony Hill. Your assistance in achieving this purpose is sincerely appreciated.

All guidelines should be read carefully before registering and are applicable from the beginning of camp preparation until the camp is closed.

For the purposes of the policies and guidelines, Student is defined as an individual 17 years of age or younger.  Guardian is defined as a 21 year old or older adult, related to the student, who assumes responsibility for that student’s behavior at Harmony Hill Singing School.

Registration & AttendanceCampsites & VisitationDress CodeWhat to LeaveFriday & SaturdayVolunteer WorkVisitors


  • Every individual staying on the grounds is required to register.
  • Any individual 17 years of age or younger must be accompanied during the week of Harmony Hill Singing School by a parent or guardian, or the pastor of the Primitive Baptist church the individual attends.
  • No student may arrive at or leave Harmony Hill at any time, between registrations on Sunday and check-out on either Friday or Saturday, unless accompanied by parent, guardian or pastor.
  • Parents especially, please understand that older siblings under the age of 21 years in your family may not take younger siblings from the Hill nor return them to the Hill.  That will be your/ the guardian’s responsibility, or your pastor’s.  Remember, you must be here with them anyway.
  • It may be necessary to make exceptions among Primitive Baptist families on a case-by-case basis.  As Primitive Baptists we have a source of accountability with the Primitive Baptist churches we seek to serve.
  • There will be no exceptions made for anyone who is not Primitive Baptist, as we have no accountability resource for those persons.


  • All students enrolled in Harmony Hill Singing School are required to attend classes, assemblies, and vesper services as scheduled.
  • All students and adults enrolled in Harmony Hill Singing School are required to abide by the regulations of the school
  • Students may obtain permission for missing class ONLY from their individual instructor.
  • All adults registered at Harmony Hill Singing School are encouraged to attend classes, assemblies, and vespers services.
  • We expect any students to be closely supervised by the adult(s) responsible for them during singing school.
  • The administrative staff must approve any exceptions to attendance requirements.

Leaving the Hill during Singing School

  • No student is to leave the Singing School grounds for any reason EXCEPT after obtaining permission from the ADULT COUNSELORS, to be specified.
  • ANYONE (INCLUDING ADULTS) leaving the hill for any reason MUST:
    • properly SIGN OUT at the office upon leaving, and
    • properly SIGN IN at the office upon returning

Student Sleeping Areas

There are designated boys and girls sleeping areas for students.

  •  Each student enrolled in Harmony Hill Singing School is required to camp in the boys’ or girls’ designated camping areas OR in a Family Camp supervised by their adult parent/guardian, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Dressing buildings, restrooms, and sleeping areas are to be kept NEAT, CLEAN AND ORDERLY at all times.

Family Camps

A family camp is any campsite other than the sleeping areas designated for boys and for girls.

  • A family camp may be tent, pop-up, travel trailer, motor home, etc.
  • Each family camp must be established by an adult, age 21 or older, for the purpose of providing a site for his/her “family” to keep their belongings, to rest, and to sleep at night.
  • Family camps are for your family – the responsible adult should monitor any visitation by other students and ensure that all guidelines are being followed.


Visitation should take place in the public areas of Harmony Hill.

As some of our family camps have evolved from open tent sites to closed, air-conditioned campers, some of our students have begun using the air-conditioned environment for visiting. Student visitation should take place in the public areas of Harmony Hill, as these areas can be supervised by our personnel and the students can be easily located if needed.

  • Public areas Include:
    • the Judy Hilland Fellowship Area (the coke tent)
    • the Pavilion
    • the Recreation and Craft areas
    • Boys tent and dressing area (Boys only)
    • Girls tent and dressing area (Girls only)
  • Adults and students occasionally visit at individual campsites, especially during the afternoon recreation period.  Such visitation must be outside, not inside, family camps.
  • If students are visiting with students, unaccompanied by an adult, that visitation should take place in one of the designated visiting areas.
  • After evening sessions, everyone is required to confine visiting to DESIGNATED LIGHTED AREAS.
  • All students are required to abide by our evening curfew and “SILENCE AFTER TAPS”, and we urgently request that adults do also, as much as possible.

Afternoon Rest

Rest period occurs after lunch each day.  Students in your family should rest in your family camp or in the sleeping shelter, as you prescribe.

  • Students who sleep at night in the sleeping shelters (and who have no family camping) should rest in the sleeping shelter.
  • Students who attend the singing school during the day only, and have no camping area, should rest quietly in one of the visitation areas.
  • If you have made special arrangements with a parent of a student or students to supervise his/her child(ren) during rest time at your campsite, the arrangement must be approved by our adult counselors, and those students must be supervised by you when they are in your camp.

Boys (over 12)


  • Must wear pants that completely cover the knees when seated or standing
  • Must be neat, modest
  • Waistbands must be worn at the waist


  • Must have sleeves
  • Must be tucked in or hanging several inches below the waist
  • Shirts and pants must stay together when standing, stooping, reaching, etc.


  • No caps, hats, visors while in buildings or while eating


  • No jewelry other than class ring and/or watch


Girls (over 12)

Pants & Skirts

  • May wear pants, loose-fitting capris, dresses and skirts
  • Must cover knees while seated and standing
  • No slits or openings that open the garment above the knees


  • If sleeveless, you may be asked to wear a short-sleeved blouse as a cover
  • Must hang several inches below tops of pants or skirt
  • Shirt/blouse and pants/skirt must stay together when standing, stooping, reaching, etc.
  • Dresses, shirts, and blouses may not have immodestly low-cut necklines


  • Must wear housecoat or robe over sleepwear except when sleeping


  • Finger rings, simple earrings, simple necklaces, watches
  • No other body jewelry is allowed

Children (12 and under)

  • May wear shorts
  • No short-shorts

Radios, MP3 players, magazines, instruments

Please refrain from the use of radios, TV’s, MP3 players, books, musical instruments, games, magazines, etc. at Singing School.

This guideline is sometimes overlooked since the introduction of closed campers. Not only are these things distracting to you and others, but one of the greatest enhancements to being at Harmony Hill is the opportunity to live “unplugged” for the week.

Cell Phones

Parents, we request that your children not bring cell phones to Harmony Hill.

Harmony Hill no longer has a dedicated phone number, but in an emergency you can reach your son or daughter by calling their adult guardian’s cell phone, or call Kathy Taylor (806.789.2493) or Jeff Coker (817.689.1638) who have made their numbers available for the week.

Adults, please observe the highest standards of cell phone etiquette while at Harmony Hill.

Friday Closing Assembly and Schedule

The camp buildings are closed for the duration of the Friday night assembly.

  • The Friday night assembly will begin at about 6:30 PM.
  •  If you need to get any belongings from any Harmony Hill buildings, that must be completed prior to 6:00 PM or you will have to wait until after the session.
  • If you must leave before the assembly is over, make the appropriate arrangements at the office BEFORE the assembly begins, and load all your belongings in your vehicle BEFORE the assembly begins.
  •  So that Harmony Hill personnel can enjoy the assembly, please stay in the assembly until it is complete, including visitors and small children. If young children are too restless and need to walk around, please keep them close to the assembly, quiet and accompanied by an adult.

Friday night schedule

  • On Friday night visiting hours are extended to 10 PM.
  • All students not in the high school class must go to their sleeping areas when visiting hours are over.
  • Students in the high school class are allowed to stay up until midnight.
  • At midnight the lights will be turned off and all students and adults should retire to their sleeping areas or campsites

Leaving the Hill after Singing School

The school begins with registration on Sunday afternoon, and ends at the close of the Friday evening assembly.

  • Anyone who lives within a two-hour driving distance of Harmony Hill is to leave the Hill by 10 PM on Friday.
  • Only those families or individuals who have too far to travel to reasonably get home on Friday, or those who will be part of the work crew breaking camp and cleaning up on Saturday,  are allowed to spend Friday night at Harmony Hill.

Volunteer Work

In order to conduct the singing school, ongoing work every day is required of all who are able.

  • Duties assigned and/or volunteered for must be completed.
  • These include, but are not limited to, food preparation, cooking, dishwashing, table and chair set-up, sweeping, grounds cleanup, bathroom maintenance, class area set-ups, assemblies and class areas cleanliness and neatness, etc.


Visitors are requested to abide by all Harmony Hill guidelines.

If you will have visitors coming to the singing school at any time during the week, including the closing session, please make certain that they know our guidelines and our dress code.